Wednesday, October 22, 2008's still cold so I've decided to run the bathtub. The thing is, it takes 10 minutes to fill the tub downstairs so I thought I'd write a post while I'm waiting. (Hopefully I won't forget about the tub! That would not be good.)
I'm starting to think about Christmas and what I'm going to get people. I usually donate money to World Vision in a my mom & brother's name, and also for Greg's dad & MIL2. Two-four could most likely use the donation herself, so I'll have to think of something for her, besides a monetary gift. This year, I'm thinking of those digital photographs. You know the ones I mean? You download your pictures onto it and it flips through the pictures like an album? So, I'm wondering if I could pre-load it? Scan pictures and send it to this frame? Does anyone know if this can be done (OK....all 5 of you who read this blog of you must know!!!)
I like the idea, but have no idea if it will actually work the way I'm thinking of.
Some years, I am really on top of things and I start my shopping at the end of summer when things are on sale, or sometimes, even the winter before! Is this crazy or what?! I have boxes in the cellar under my stairs and god only knows what is in them! I'm not so much of a packrat, but I do like buying nice things when I see them for a nice price. For instance, the last time I was in Seattle, Pez and I went to a glassybaby factory and there were some babies for sale for $5 each! How could I resist? I ended up packing about ten of them in my suitcase and freaked Pez out. She worries about things like that...
Speaking of which, I guess I will have to be more careful in the future about how heavy my bags are. I understand you now have to pay some exorbitant price for extra weight. Hmpft! Glad I already brought back my Oma's silver ware from Germany.
Speaking of which, I should find and clean, and maybe even use this Christmas.
Gotta check the tub.
Smell ya later.


Pez said...

I think you had more than 10 glassybabys in your suitcase! And yes, I do worry about those things. LOL

I need to start thinking about Christmas too. Oh, and mail your birthday present to you (shamefully almost 5 months late!!).

Begered said...

I can't believe Christmas is almost here. Every year I say to myself I will do all my shopping EARLY....yeah right! We got one of those electronic picture frame/album things for my mom. She really liked it. It uses a memory card (SD or XD depending on the type), so you can put pictures on the memory card and put it in the frame and it will be ready to go.