Monday, December 03, 2007

Last week was quite busy as Two-Four and my SIL stayed with us. SIL had her molars out and did quite well despite her mother's insistence that she was absolutely petrified and her panic/anxiety was out of control.
The Two-Four complained about how exhausted she was putting ice compresses on and off every 15 minutes. After about the fourth time of her complaining about it I responded 'welcome to nursing.' I didn't say it meanly, but she did stop complaining. Then, SIL wanted her BF to come to Toronto for the weekend, which wasn't a problem with me, but ended up being such a drama I wished I had just said that I didn't think it would be a good idea. Anyway, the BF came and watched football all weekend. He was well behaved, but Two-Four had stuff to talk about him behind his back at every opportunity. 5 nights was enough. I even took Kross-eyed Kitty off of my Favourites list in case someone accessed it. I didn't have a whole lot of computer time, and certainly no time without someone looking over my shoulder.
Geez, it sounds like I'm complaining! I am, but in truth, it wasn't such a bad week. SIL cleaned my house as a thank-you for letting her BF come, and Two-Four did a fantastic job of reupholstering my dining room chairs. I just have to finish sanding them and then they will be ready for another 40 years of wear and tear! I should have sanded them outside during the summer because I now have a fine layer of dust covering everything. I am having a dinner party next Saturday night, so I'm hoping I'll be able to get rid of the dust by then.

We had our first snow storm this past weekend, and Buddykins LOVED playing in the snow! He loves chasing snowballs, and digging his nose (see how long it is?!) in the snow drifts. He also really loves wearing his new hockey jacket! I can't believe that I am dressing up my dog, but to be honest, he is not a big dog, and has short fur so I think he appreciates the warmth. At first, Greg was adamant that his dog was not going to wear clothes, but when he saw his favourite hockey team jacket, he relented. Here's a pic of the first snowfall of the season. See the four foot snowdrift that was up against our front door?Speaking of hockey, I went to a game last week, which was a lot of fun. The Leafs almost won, but lost in the shoot-out. It was a really good game, and my brother got us amazing seats. This is my and my bro:

The new job is fantastic, I am absolutely loving it and so far feel like I am doing a good job. The staff seem to be very supportive of me for which I am truly grateful. I did my first inservice last Friday which was rather impromptu as the booked speaker did not show up. Thankfully, my first power point presentation worked out very well, and I really impressed myself!

I realized with Napoblomo that I really don't have the inclination to blog every day, it is a lot harder that I thought it would be. So, kudos to all you regular bloggers out there!


Begered said...

Luckily, it's all over now. How cute is Buddy!! J I wish we were getting some of that weather over here…we have had no snow in the mountains and hardly even a drop of rain where I am. I hope it improves, I need to go snowboarding!
Have fun with your dinner party this Saturday, I am also having one. I still have tons of work to do for it. Hope you are better prepared than I am…have a great day!

moon said...

Love the pic of you!! You look fantastic...The dog looks great in his coat too lol, I rarely dress my dogs but hey I enjoy buying a few things once in awhile lol..since they dont gt out often, I dont get a chance to dress them but tomorrow my little bishon is going to the vet for a blood test so I can put her little pink coat on !! LOL, I know..I'm pathetic!
My hats off to all the napoblomo bloggers...I have a hard enough time blogging once a week let alone every day!

Kristi said...

Love Buddy's coat! And I think it's sweet that you're keeping him warm. Dogs get cold too!

So glad you're loving your job. What great news.

And that's a smashing picture of you and your brother.