Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wake up Cat

This is SOOOO Dutchess in the morning! Hilarious!!!


Kristi said...

One of my cats used to do this to us all the time, at the horrible hour of 5am.

Bob-kat said...

LOL! I had to laugh as this is so what my cat does (apart from the bat)! I swear he also points at his mouth when he gets my attention too. The other morning he ast on the landing anbd just yelled his head off at 5am! He was not popular.

Just read back through your posts and glad to see you ahve started your new job and have a little office. Yay!

Sorry I have not been by much lately. It got kinda busy!

sher said...

I use this as therapy, since I first saw it over a month ago. I loaded it into my cell phone and watch it everyday, especially when I'm feeling depressed! It always makes me laugh!