Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well, #22 is where I should be at, but I've missed some days so I'm Nablopomo Tardy, or negligent. At any rate, this is probably my 17th entry this month which is better than I usually write so I'm not going to be too hard on myself.
I am finding that I am having to train myself to become a morning person and I am really tired by 9pm and can only think of falling in to bed. Since I've started this new position I've stayed at least an hour late everyday working on different projects that I've started so I get home after a 10 hopur day. I put my first Power Point presentation together yesterday and today's inservice went very well, and my orientees seemed impressed. Admittedly, I impressed myself, too. Imagine!Me doing Power Point Presentations!
In the past few weeks, I've also started going to meetings, which is something very new for me. Half of my days have been spent going from one meeting to another, most involving stuff that I have no idea about. The hospital I am at is expanding the Breast Surgery Department, and Yours Truly gets to be involved with that, which is very interesting and exciting. I'm learning all kinds of things about how hospitals run, and how various departmental areas operate.
So, the new job is going very well.
Today was the first ice/snow storm of the year and the drive in was a little rough. I'm hoping to take back some of the overtime I've accrued, and head home before the rush hour starts.
And, Greg went for a job interview today so maybe he'll have a new job soon, too.


Bob-kat said...

Very glad to hear that the new job is going so well! It almost sounds like mine with so many meetings and power point presentations LOL! You really do sound like you are enjoying it though which is great. I am so glad things have taken such a positive turn for you.

moon said...

yeah, as bob-kat says, sounds like u are really loving this..and really expanding your horizons, new experiences and thriving from's no wonder u are tired at the end of the day though lol..your mind and body need to get more used to all this activity lol...I hope hubby gets the job...lots of changes going on for sure!