Monday, November 12, 2007

NaBloPoMo Day #12

I got the key to my *new* office today. I have never, ever in my whole entire life ever had my very own office! I once had a cubby when I worked at an insurance company, but never an office, and with a window. Of course my window looks out on to a brick wall, and a construction site, but it is definitely a window and I was able to discern that it was raining outside. There were a lot of files left for me that I will need in this new role so I basically spent the day sorting through those and keeping busy.

I was given a memory stick, which was very nice and all, but I have not idea how to use it, and just a general idea of what it is for. I am technologically a little on the dumb side. Well, only dumb in that with all these new gadgets and things, its hard to keep up. I was given an iPod shuffle for my birthday back in June, and still have not gotten around to learning how to use it. Oh, the phone in my new office? Had no idea how to programme a new message with my name on it. Oh, one more thing? I have a pager that I've been carrying around and basically only know how to turn off the beep. The time is 14 hours off of real-time and the date is still 2006. Maybe my predecessor also did not know how to use this? Or maybe she didn't care as long as she got the page.

Anyway, lots to learn and in the meantime I'm trying to look smart. Like an Educator.


Lori said...

Congrats on the office! I currently share one and the office furniture is ancient - metal desk that is so not ergonomic with a computer on it! There is a small window so it's not that bad.

The memory stick is like a floppy disk, it just holds a lot more. You plug it into the USB port on your computer and you should see a new drive show up. You can move files to it or from it. Just be aware that you don't just yank it out when you want to remove it. If you're on a Windows box, you have to go to the icons in the lower right on your screen and there will be one that lets you disconnect devices. Click it and then it will tell you it's ok to remove the stick. If you forget to do that, it's ok. It just makes the computer grumpy and probably a bit confused, so do try to tell it you're going to remove the stick first.

Carmi said...

Congratulations on your new office, a job you love, and a direction that makes you feel whole. I can feel the excitement in your words, and I'm thrilled for you.
I peeked ahead at the picture. TWO computers? Cool!