Friday, October 12, 2007

Close to Nature

Thanksgiving weekend was absolutely glorious. The weather couldn't have been better....40C, perfect for dinner Al fresco. During the day, I needed to run into town to pick up some last minute fixin's. I had borrowed my brother's camera, and got sidetracked by the beauty of the Grand River.
The town of Fergus was originally settled in 1833 by Scottish immigrants. Many of the original stone building and homes still exist. These old homes all have historical placards at the front door, describing the positions, or careers the home owner held in the community. My favourite is 'Elizabeth Smith, Housewife.' I like the fact that she was the homeowner, there aren't very many women listed on these placards. So, here are just a few of the pics I took last weekend. It's made me realize just how much I miss my camera, and how I rely on it to get me in the blogging mood.

I like how I can play around with different settings and edit pictures. How's this for autumn colour?!

And how's this for getting close to nature?! I discovered an exotic pet store and this was the owner's pet boa constrictor, named Kahn. One thing weird about me...I kind of, sort of like snakes. And reptiles in general. Believe it or not, this little guy was really social, and slithered his way right up around my neck...rather like a feather boa...only not as fluffy.

All right, it's 10:30 am, and on that happy note, I must go to bed. Three more night shifts to go...


Begered said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday!
That tree is gorgeous! That is one thing I wish we had more of here in California...we get some color, but not like other areas.
Cool snake...they are a lot of fun!

Black Cat said...

Lovely tree and nice snake:)

moon said...

Great pics! but omg, I just can't do snakes lol, but admire anyone who can...coodos to u Ramona...I look at that pic and it gives me the willies lol, but I love that smile!...ON u that is, not the snake lol

Pez said...

Beautiful pictures! And 40C on Thanksgiving? So must have been hard cooking the turkey in that weather.

And BTW, I would rather touch a spider than a snake! Or maybe not... ~shudder~

Donna said...

There is something about being around water that makes everything better. Gorgeous pictures, I especially love the first one. My hubby used to have a 12 foot python named Siba Khan. I don't do snakes!

Bob-kat said...

I agree, taking photos gives me something to blog about too. Without a pic I sometimes find it hard to think about anything to write as well.

Those photos are fab. I love the one with the red leaf (v. arty) and the colours of those leaves are amazing! Believe it or not I like reptiles too. I love the reptile house at the zoo even now and I used to have a soft toy crocodile and snake as a kid. I want my own iguana one day.

Kristi said...

Those pictures are amazing, and I want to live in that house.

By the way, not mentioning any names, but someone is looking very slim and trim. (And I'm not talking about the snake.)