Monday, April 02, 2007

Seattle Sister

Pez and I have known each other since age 7, but really became BFF's in Junior High school. This picture of us was taken the summer of 1979. Hard to believe that was 28 years ago. God how time flies. It seems like just yesterday when we were blowing bubbles...I actually remember when this picture was taken. We'd also probably just gotten our hair cut by my mom who used to practice on my head first, and then give Pez a fabulous cut. While I had the suburban "hockey-do" Pez would end up with the latest Farrah Fawcett style.
Over the last quarter century (doesn't that make us sound OLD?!) we've taken different paths in life, but have always remained close. I spent years in the Middle East and during that time Pez got married and moved to Minneapolis and started a family. Years later, she moved with her family to Seattle, and I went back to the Middle East. Throughout this time, we've written letters, emails, talked on the phone and our relationship, despite the distance in miles, has gotten closer. She is the sister that I don't have. So, every once in a while, even though we talk regularly, I need a Pez Fix in person. It was her birthday this past weekend, and I thought that would be the perfect opportunity to spend some time together.The weekend was Fabulous! It was so good to see her boys, they are the cutest, funniest, smartest, most creative, loving and polite kids I have ever met. Pez and her husband have done a wonderful job. It really was fun stepping into their lives, even if just for a few days.
We spent a lot of time shopping. In fact, we shopped 'til we dropped! I tend to be a little on the frugal (cheap) side, but once I bought the headband which was handmade in France for $52, my credit card had a mind of it's own! A Macy's card was opened and it purchased three pairs of shoes, Lancome make-up and the (gift-purchase with purchase). At Target I also bought some nifty-cool patio lights for our backyard, which I absolutely, desperately needed to buy.
Friday night I got to partake in Cosmo Fridays with Pez and her gal friends. I had heard a lot about these ladies, and was so glad to meet them in person. Pez has some really great friends and they made me feel very welcome. I also discovered that Washington State has some really exquisite wines. I am sad that we can't buy them here in Ontario.
Saturday was Pez's actual birthday. We drove into Seattle in the morning and went to glassybaby which is a place the glass blows these gorgeous votives.
Pez surprised me with a late Wedding gift of these beautiful votives. She picked the green one because it reminded her of Dutchie's eyes, the blue because of Mr. Mao's, and red because she knows it is my favourite colour. The votives go perfectly with the tablecloth I bought at William Sonoma. Glassybaby was having a moving sale and were selling seconds, and also some China Babys. I bought a suitcase full of the China Baby's because the price was right, and even though they are not as nice as the original ones, still look pretty. Luckily, not a single one was broken on the trip home.

Saturday afternoon, Pez's hubby also arranged for a special celebrity pedicure for the two of us. While we had are feet scrubbed, scraped, massaged, soaked in paraffin we were also able to enjoy a luscious glass of Washington wine. I have to tell you, it was the most exquisite experience! And, for once, BOTH of our feet look pretty. (Mine, are the square, Shrek-like paws) For anyone who is interested in the colour, it is Deer Valley Spice by OPI.

We arrived home to a wonderful steak and shrimp dinner made by Pez's hubby, and an incredible chocolate cake with raspberry coulis.
I hope Pez enjoyed her birthday as much as I did!

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sher said...

What a great trip! The pictures are fabulous Loved seeing you two, you're both beautiful. Your feet look much better than mine! I'm glad you both were able to spend time together.

Bob-kat said...

It's wonderful that you have remained friends for so long! That sounds like you had a fabulous trip and the shopping and wine sounds divine!

Anne Marie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! And both of you look lovely. :) Welcome home!

moon said...

What a great reunion!..Love the photos...and so glad u spoiled yourself!! I have a cpl dear friends that I have kept since childhood...yes, over a quarter century ago lol EEK!.. They live across the country so we don't see eachother often if at all but its nice that we keep in touch. It's those friends that know you way differently then anyone else...

Kristi said...

Aww... I loved reading this post because it reminds me how important long-time friendships are. Love those votives, and those pictures of you and Pez are just adorable. I'm so glad you had a great time.