Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Travel Tuesdays

...is kinda sorta on hiatus.
However...I am headed to Seattle tomorrow to visit my dear friend Pez. It's her birthday, and I'm looking forward to having a sparkling weekend with her!

At some point (after the weekend) I think I am going to have to make this a more interesting place to visit. It's even becoming a bit painful for me. Can't (don't) even want to imagine what it's like for you.
Hope your weekend plans are as good as mine.


Begered said...

Have a GREAT TIME in Seattle!

BTW, it's not painful to visit your blog...I really do enjoy it over here. People get busy, believe me, I totally understand!

Bob-kat said...

I like coming to visit :-) We all have busy periods in our life so I appreciate it even more that you find the time to drop by my blog.

Hope you have a fabulous time in Seattle :-)

sher said...

I agree! I'm not in pain! I hope you're having fun in Seattle! :):)

Kristi said...

Have a wonderful time in Seattle, and say hi to my sister (who lives there) for me.

And your blog is so not painful to read! Don't go changing. I like you just the way you are. ;)

moon said...

I really enjoy reading your blog..I kow what u mean though, we run out of stuff to say but although I am often long winded with a plethera of nothing lol, I like to think of blogs as being invited to have coffee with a friend...it's always nice to see them, but we don't always have awesome news, but we do always like to hear anything about the other anyway lol.
Have a great time!!

Maria said...

You are like sitting down to coffee with an old friend - the kind that you would be comfortable enough to say whatever is on your mind. This is a gift. Don't toss it out for a moment or two of feeling insecure.

Have a wonderful time in Seattle and when you get back post about your adventure. . . all of it!