Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bit of This, Bit of That

I'm still in a bit of a blogging slump. I'm not quite sure why because I do think about things during the day that I'd like to blog about I just don't get around to it. Mostly because my favourite time to be on the computer is just before I go to work. Then, I'm sure I could spend HOURS blogging! Work has been a bit tedious lately but I have started to change things up a bit, tomorrow I am working in the ICU. Today I also applied for another part-time/casual position that I'm hoping that I can do along with my regular job. It means working one or two shifts a week on the Rapid Response Team, which is basically being on top of the sickest patients in the hospital who are not in the ICU and trying to keep them from a crisis situation. It involves good assessment skills and decision making skills which I think I'm pretty good at. I'm optimistic that I will get the job, but who knows. The last few interviews I went on scared me out of trying for any new jobs. Used to be (in nursing anyway) that as long as you were a living breathing body you were hired. Now it is a lot more competitive. Which is good, but not if you are not interview prepared. So, that is my project for the weekend. I have to look up info on successful interviewee skills. Any tips?

In other news, really it should be the FIRST news because I was so choked up about this: My good friend Sal has asked me to be Godmother to her son Liam!

He is cute as a button, and already a big boy! He is the spit and image of his Daddy-O.

I've been busy planning our trip to Europe. We leave in three weeks and I've narrowed the trip down to this: 3 days in Berlin, 3 days in Prague, 1/2 day in Dresden, 3 days back in Berlin (free accommodation!) and then 3 days in Amsterdam. I am researching things to see and do that will be interesting to both of us, but am also more interested in finding things that are a little off the beaten path. Any tips?

Lastly, this week my head has also been quite fuzzy. In particular I've been having problems with my keys. Two nights in a row I left the keys in the front door and we went to bed. Yesterday I arrived at work, parked the car, gathered my work bag, lunch bag and shoe bag, Opened the car door, Locked the car door, Shut the car door....and then realized that I left the keys IN the car, With the car running and the door Locked. WTF?!

Thankfully, my Knight in shining armour came and saved the day with his extra car key. I was still half an hour late for work.

I should have stayed home and Blogged.


Donna said...

I get in those bloggy slumps too, then all of a sudden the fog clears and I have 8 posts running around in my head trying to get written down first. I can't imagine taking on a second job with the job you already have! Your trip sounds fabulous.

Bob-kat said...

Your Europe trip sounds fab. i'm sure you'll have a great time! I went to Prague last year, I really do recommend going to see Prague Castle. It has a cathedral in it's grounds and a lovely little street of houses where Franz Kafka used to live. Going up the tower of the town hall in the market square is also a must and offers great views accross the city!

Congratulations on being asked to be Godmother and good luck for the interview. The only tips I have for interviews are to answer the question they ask, not one you would have liked them too have asked. If you are unsure ask for clarification and be polite, smile and remember that they are not there to trip you up, just to employ the person who they think is best for the job! all pretty basic stuff that you probably know already :-) Fingers crossed for you!

sher said...

I'm in a bloggy slump too. I think it happens to all of us. And congratulations on being a Godmother! That's just great! He's adorable!

Mr. Althouse said...

Congrats on the GM honors!

I agree that sometimes the very best thing to do is stay at home... **I have locked the keys in the car with it running, BTW!**

Michele sent me to let you know you are not alone.


Pez said...

Liam is a cutie! Congratulations, Godmother.

Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Europe.

Mitey Mite said...

He is adorable! this will be a really special relationship between the two of you.

I've only been to Amsterdam, of the cities you mentioned. Not too far off the beaten path, but DO NOT MISS Anne Frank's house and the Van Gogh musuem. The flower markets are pretty interesting, too.

Mara said...

The trip to Europe sounds great. It has been too long since I lived in Germany to be of any help. Just go and have a wonderful time.

Losing keys is a universal problem. Have you noticed how many teachers wear them on a lannard along with their whistle. Can't tell you how often classroom keys were lost.

I have mine on a key chain that loops onto the long straps of my purse. That way, I set the purse next to me while I use the car key to start the car. When I get home, I just hold my purse while inserting the house key. . . well you get the picture. So far this arrangement has been most helpful. At least I haven't lost the purse and I am not shuffling through it for keys.

Kristi said...

Good luck in your interview. I've found faking massive amounts of confidence I don't really have to work splendidly.

And your Godson is such a cutie! Congrats.

I can't wait to live vicariously through you when you blog about Europe. Sigh...

Begered said...

Congrats on being a God Mother, he is very cute! :) I understand your blogging slump...I don't think I have ever not been in a blog slump the entire time since I have starting blogging! I am sure it will soon pass for you.

I hope you get the job, and I am sorry I have no interviewing advie for you. The last one I went on was about 9 years ago. All I can advise, is stay relaxed and prepare for the interview.

moon said...

OH... I can't wait to see all the pics from this new trip of yours!

Congrats on being a godmother!! what an adorable baby!!

I have put left my keys in the car...put the milk in the cuboards, ashtray( when I smoked) in the fridge...and so on, and so on..I think we do these odd things when we have alot on our minds ( lets pretend it's just that lol)

Sean said...

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