Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Travel Tuesdays #13

Over the past few days we've been doing some decorating around the house. We've been living here 5 months now and many walls were still unadorned. Monday I came home from work and Greg had decided to paint our garnet red wall in the living room. He decided that the wall didn't match the hardwood floors, nor our green tiles. So, back to taupe the wall went. I had Tuesday off work, and I decided that the wall needed a bit of pizzazz so I went and bought some artwork. The photos really don't do the pictures justice, but here's an idea. They are quite large. The first one pretty much covers the width of the wall that used to be garnet. I liked the colours in this one, but I also liked it because it is a bit mysterious. I feel like it captures that moment at dawn when it's not quite light out but you can still make out the colours, and there is a hint of fog in the air that will be burned off in a few hours. The colours remind me of Tuscany without the typical Tuscan scenery.

This next picture we hung in our foyer, quite high up on the wall as the wall is shared between the basement level and the main floor level. It is large, about 4'X5' and it is the first splash of colour you see as you step into our house. Again, the colours appealed to me, but what I liked about this one, is that it reminds me of stained glass. What is the picture of? I'm not sure...maybe a flower, maybe a volcano?

This next one I chose for our basement. Our basement has a very Retro flair to it. We have a poppy red wet bar, a stereo on legs that I rescued from my mom's crawl space, Circa 1950's, Lucite globe hanging lamps. Somehow, it all works together. When I saw this picture, I instantly liked it. To me, it feels kind of Retro, but I like the atmosphere as well. A rainy night, could be any big city in the world with the lights reflected in the puddles on the ground. In the darkness of the rain, the street is alive with colour. I get the feeling of looking out a window at the street, but I'm cozy warm inside.

And lastly, this picture was also hung in the living room. It is a photograph that I took in Oia, Santorini a number of years ago. I backpacked by myself around some of the Islands and I always think of this time as that of my own enlightenment. It was a trip I took as I was ending an 8 year, very unhealthy relationship. Oia was intensely beautiful, and for me, also intensely lonely but I realized that I also found a lot of strength in that loneliness. I learned that I was more than capable, and didn't need to be emotionally dependant on someone else. I was OK on my own.
So, that is this week's edition of Travel Tuesdays! I thought I'd change it up a little this week.Posted by Picasa


moon said...

I love all your choices, but my fav is the your photo..that is breathtaking.

Pez said...

Great pictures!

Bob-kat said...

I just love your taste in art! The colours in the first two appeal to me as well. Your photo of Oia is fantastic and looks like a picture too. Wonderful! Your home must be lovely :-)