Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Travel Tuesdays #1

For the first edition of Travel Tuesdays, I thought I would start with a few photos from Saudi Arabia. I worked there in the 90's which seems like a lifetime ago, and now that I think of it, it WAS a lifetime ago! Deira Souk was enormous and you could buy anything there. Household goods, fabric, antiques, carpets, brass knick-knacks, jewels and gold. We were paid once a month, and payday always included a trip to the gold souk, where you could buy jewellery based on the daily price/weight of gold. Click on the pic to enlarge.
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sher said...

I'm soo looking forward to this!!!!

Mitey Mite said...

Travel Tuesdays? Cool! I'll try to play, too, if I can remember.

I'm not sure if they call it a burka or abaya or something else in Arabia, but how is it to wear one? Hot? Stifling? Freeing? I'd love to know your take on it.

Ramona said...

Mighty Mite, in Saudi it is called an Abaya. I never really minded wearing it, even when it was really REALLY hot outside. I guess you just get used to it. You could also buy some really fancy ones that were quite pretty. As Westerners, most of the time we didn't have to cover our hair and we never had to cover our face.

Ramona said...

And I'd love it if you played along!