Friday, January 12, 2007

There have been a few unfortunate, although not unforeseeable events this week. The first, is that my friends C and S are separating. They were married a few months before Greg and I and we both stood up for them at their wedding. Here is the speech I made. The day of their wedding, I remember Greg and I saying to each other "I wonder how long this will last." They actually managed to argue as wedding photos were being taken. He has been on disability for the past 4 years and, although he is no longer injured, is still sucking it up for all its' worth. She has been working overtime to support them both, and crazily enough they bought a house 9 months ago that is now in worse condition than when they moved in. They both have their issues, but he's a bigger nut than she is. Anyway, she finally kicked him to the curb. About time. He apparently did not see this coming. Uh-huh.

This morning Greg received a call from his mom, that his little sister was arrested for shop-lifting at the liquor store. Christ it's been one thing after another with her, and it's really starting to get out of hand. First of all, she should have been at school. Second of all, why on earth would she think that it is ok to shop lift. Did she not think that two young girls in a liquor store would look suspicious to begin with? Greg's mom is of course blaming this on her depression/anxiety which totally pisses me off. Even if she were to have these afflictions, she should know the simple difference between right and wrong. I am so disappointed in her. She has certainly been heading down the wrong path this year. Lucky for her she is 17 so formal charges were not laid. In my head I think what I would do if she were my daughter. But, then I think that if I had a daughter I would have tried my hardest to have prevented this crap from getting to the place where it is. I would not have allowed her to have a bf at age 14. Or, at least not to the point where they were sleeping in the same bedroom, and sometimes even the same bed. I would not have allowed her to stay home from school because she had period cramps. Deal with it baby, we all do. Anyway, I better not say to much because I'm getting all riled up again, and after all, she's not my daughter. But I do care about her, and with all my heart, wish that she would smarten up. It'll be hard though, because I don't think that Greg's mom is handling this the right way. She's ready to kick her out of the house and keeps threatening to send her to Foster Care (like that's going happen, right?) Apparently she's threatened all of her kids with this over the years. Makes me think that maybe I didn't have it so bad with my German Mother (although, god knows she's had her psychotic episodes over the years.)

Last night, we had a couple over for dinner. Greg calls them The Sexuals. Clearly, they Really love each other. They arrived at 6pm, and didn't leave until 12:30am. Holy crap! At 10:00 I started figuring that they would leave soon, it being a school n ight and all. But they didn't. At 11:00 she started wheezing because she is allergic to the cats. Still, they did not leave. At 12:00 I started yawning, and they put on their coats. At 12:30 Greg escorted them out.
I will take this as a compliment that we have a comfortable home.
Good Night!


Pez said...

What an interesting week. Sorry about Greg's sister. :(

utenzi said...

The situation with your sister-in-law sounds horrible, Ramona. I hope Greg isn't pulled into it very often. Maybe the kid will grow out of it. Maybe.

Mitey Mite said...

So sorry about your SIL. It's so hard to watch the people you love mess up their lives.