Monday, October 02, 2006

Working nightshift this past week has completely messed up my inner clock. I thought I had done well with 'turning myself around' this weekend but I was wrong. It's 3am, and here I sit in front of my computer, wide awake. Don't get me wrong...I have already slept. In fact, I went to be at 9:30 but an hour ago I found myself lying in bed, eyes wide open, with Mao curled up in my right arm as per usual. So now, I'm awake, and both cats are awake, and Greg gets to make like a starfish in our bed.
This afternoon we went to an engagement party for some friends of Greg's. Greg has known Elvi (short for Elvira) (she is a very pretty blonde, in case you had just conjured up a vision of a Gothic Vamp!) since grade 7, and the party ended up being somewhat of reunion and a lot of fun. It crossed my mind earlier that when these guys were in Grade 7, I was already in my second year of University. Sometimes, it freaks me out a little when I play that 'Age Game.' Like, I remember watching the Lunar Landing on our 12 inch coloured tv, back in '69. I was 4, Greg wasn't even born. When I was in Grade 7, he was 4. Of course, now our age difference isn't a big deal, the gap is narrowing and most days I don't really think about it at all. But, every once in a while it does occur to me.
Twice in the past week people have made comments about the Bungalow we are moving into next month. Comments about retiring in this house, and how good it will be that there are so few stairs. And then, my imagination gets the best of me and I think what if I get old and decrepit and Greg will have to help me with get up those four stairs with my walker...or maybe we'll have to get one of those Stair Chairs...or build a wheelchair ramp.
But why am I thinking about this at all? Because it's the middle of the night and apparently I've got nothing better to think about. And god knows I don't want to fold the pile of laundry that Mao is now lying on, and doing dishes would be too noisy.
Anyway, I realize that I'm kind of going on about nothing, so I think I'm going to play some Mah Jong now.

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