Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Green Garbage Bags

I have spent the last three weeks packing up the last four years of our life. I bought this condo just before meeting Greg, so really, it has always felt like 'our' place. He was here to help me unpack boxes, hang pictures, paint, install lighting and all sorts of handy-man odd jobs. When he officially moved in a year after we had met, he brought over a small suitcase with a broken zipper, 2 Green Garbage Bags filled to the brim, a wine rack and an assortment of music gear.
Clearly, most of the stuff I'm packing is 'mine' although really, it's 'ours.' At first, I was more than happy to pack everything up because I knew that it would be done properly. The past few days though, I've been getting a little annoyed because it really feels like I've done everything. You could even say that there's some resentment building.
So, last night (ok, it was 5 minutes after Greg got home from work) I thought I'd get it off my chest. Apparently, my timing was not the greatest. Point taken. But I nearly Lost My Nut when Greg said "I don't know why you're getting all freaked out about this. Everything looks really organized and what's not packed on the last day, we'll just throw into Green Garbage Bags."
Uh-huh. Let me tell you from whom he learned this spectacular method of packing.
Six months before Greg and I met, Two-Four decided to move from Toronto to Fergus. She got a crew of her kids together and managed to borrow a truck. Saturday morning everyone arrives...and there is not one single thing packed. She did however, have a large supply of Green Garbage Bags and instructed everyone to "just throw the shit into a bag, I'll organize it at the other end." I wasn't in the picture yet, but I can only imagine from the stories I've heard how happy everyone was. So, all of her junk, including Real Junk, ended up moving with her in Green Garbage Bags. The kids just shoved stuff in, bathroom supplies, food, you name it all thrown together in one bag to be organized whenever Two-Four got around to it.
Now, this story has been told to me a few times because in all of this mess, when it came time to move the bed, Louise's BF lifted the mattress and Lo and Behold did he find a treasure chest! A Personal Adult Toy and the movies to go with it! Not the kind of thing you'd want your kids, or their boyfriends to find, I'm sure! Jeff came out of her bedroom with the thing Buzzing in one hand and Seymore's Bottom Feeders video in the other and nonchalantely asked if 'this was something she wanted packed seperately!' LOL! She was embarassed, but she actually tried to say that they didn't belong to her! Ya. Right.
Anyway, I am not a Green Garbage Bag kind of packer and Greg will no longer be a Green Garbage Bag packer. I don't want to move from one place to another like a Hobo. I want to know exactly what is in each box, and where that box should be placed in the new house.
And, at the end of the day, I'll think I'll be relieved to know precisely where my Personal Items are. I'd hate for them to get into the wrong hands. (wink!)


Pez said...

lol - that story about 24 makes me giggle!

kristi said...

OMG-that is hilarious. Stay far, far away from the green garbage bags!