Thursday, October 26, 2006

4 Years Ago

Greg and I met 4 years ago today.

That year I befriended a fellow nurse, Christine. We were chatty, but it was really just the start of a new friendship. She told me that she knew of this Great Guy whom she'd like me to meet, he was a friend of her bf. I asked a few questions and found out that he was 8 years younger than me, had just broken up with a girlfriend and was a musician. It took me two seconds to say "Thanks, but no thanks." Not interested. Turns out that she told him about me anyway but he also was not interested. He wasn't in Dating Mode.

Fast forward 6 months to October 26, 2002.

I was out local bar/restaurant on a dinner date with a male friend. I had put aside a Saturday night to go out with him and was looking forward to it. We had dinner and afterwards were having a few drinks. One of the nurses from work (Grace) happended to show up with her crowd and my dinner date took that opportunity to ditch me. I was a little ticked off with him as it was still early in the evening so I thought "screw it, I'll stay anyway." I bought myself another drink and searched for Grace. Who, I couldn't find because it was so busy. I was just about to call it a night, when who should I run into, but Christine. (Thank god, because I was feeling like a loser at a bar by myself on a Saturday night.) She took one look at me, barely said hi, and pulled Greg over to introduce us. Standing before me was a very handsome, tall drink of water. You know that line from Jerry Maguire "You had me at hello"? Well, that's how it was. From the moment we met, we connected. We gave each other googlie-eyes, and talked up a storm.
Greg's side of the story was something like this: The gang had gotten together for a hockey game earlier that evening. Greg and Christine were talking about Greg's lovelife, and Greg had asked her "what about that co-worker you had mentioned months ago? Is she still single?" Christine said she didn't know, but she'd find out. After the game, the group headed to the bar, and within the first few minutes of being there he remembers looking over Christine's shoulder wondering who she was talking to and then found himself being pulled towards me for the introduction.
So we met. At one point, Greg went to the Men's Room. His buddy followed him in. "Dude! That's The Co-worker!" "That's the Co-worker???"
Christine came scurring over to me. "Well...what do you think? Do you like him? He's The Guy I wanted you to meet months ago!" "He's The Guy????"
What we always liked about this evening, was that it really was fluke. Christine didn't know I was going to be there. We were introduced and liked each other before we realized who the other was. We were never really set up I guess...We set ourselves up.

6 months later, we went to New Orleans and there we professed our love...the rest is history :)


moon said...

Awe, I loved your story...worked out perfectly for both of you, and the timing was right too...u look great together..thanks for sharing with us. and Happy meeting anniversary lol.

Pez said...

That is such a fun picture of you both!

Happy Anniversary!

kristi said...

Such a great story, and since I've had the pleasure of meeting you two in person, it's easy to see how great you are together.

PS: check out my blog. ;)

sher said...

I love that story! Thanks for sharing it with us. And the picture is terrific!