Thursday, October 12, 2006

Capital Letters. For EMPHASIS. Or just Because.

For about the past 10 days, I've been coming to this site daily to see the new, exciting, funny, interesting topics Kross-Eyed Kitty is talking about. And, each and every day, especially the past 4 days, I am disappointed to see that there is nothing New.
What is going on with the Kross-Eyed One these days???
Hmpph. Who knows?
The weather is changing, it's getting Cold. The mornings are dark, the evenings are dark. Is it SAD?
The trailer STILL hasn't been properly shut down for the year. Greg and I were battling seasonal virus Something-or-Others last weekend. I managed to make Thanksgiving Dinner for 10 people, Greg slept through it. Hopefully, it won't Snow this weekend, like it did today. There is a lot of outdoor work that needs to be done.
My MIL, Two-Four, is driving me CRAZY! Normally, I can handle her Wackiness, but right now, I am ready to pull out my hair in frustration. She has diagnosed her 16 yr old with Chronic Depression. She broke up with her bf, is heart-broken, and,apparently,is now Chronically Depressed. Two-Four kept her home from school for 10 days, then took her daughter to any doctor who was willing to Drug the poor girl up, and has arranged for a Psychiatrist. I am speechless.
Anybody else out there who's mother had them practically committed to an Insane Asylum at age 16 for breaking up with a boyfriend? Let me just also add, that this is the Same Mother who called the Cops during an argument with Said Daughter two weeks ago and threatened to send her to Foster Care. Let me also add, that this is the Same Mother who allowed (bullied) a doctor to put the Same Daughter (aged 8 years old) to be put on anti-anxiety meds. Jeezuz Kee-rist! Who the F**K is the one who needs to be committed?
I said too much, and now Two-Four is pissed at me. Our first rift. Sigh. I'm heart-broken...not. She's Nuts. Certifiably.
I gave my Brother Shit on Monday for being a drunken arsehole. Since he's broken up with his Pot-head GF, he's come up to the trailer every weekend and gotten Shit-faced Drunk. He's not a good drunk...he's a Turner. It's like he's missing the Enzyme that metabolizes alcohol. I know that I am an Enabler of sorts, who allows him to come and spend weekends with us. But I do feel sorry for him because he doesn't have any friends, and considers Greg his Best Friend. I love my Brother, I am close to him, he is the bridge between my Mom and I, but I sure as hell am not his babysitter, and don't want to be the one apologizing for His behaviour all the time.
We're packing up. Or, rather, I'M packing up. It's amazing how much stuff you can pack into a 1 bedroom apartment, especially when there are 30 boxes plus furniture odd and ends in MIL 2's garage. How ever did it all fit Before?
We went to see the House again last night, this time bringing my Mom along to see the place. Well, She LOVED it! I'm not surprised that She loved it. Nor, am I surprised, that SHE LOVED,ABSOLUTELY LOVED!!! the Hideous Wallpaper in the living room and hallway. When I said that it would be the First thing to go, She snidly said to our real estate agent (who is Greg's Buddy) that she "hoped that Ramona wouldn't ruin this beautiful house with her awful decorating ideas."
Just have to shake my head at that one. And take a deep breath. !!!
I haven't been feeling Very Pretty lately...I'd let my legs get Hairy, my toenails were Chipped, my fingernails looked like a Farm Hand's, and the yoo-hoo area was looking like a Cave Woman's. (Okay, TMI, I know...)

But let me tell's not a good idea to try to do your own Bikini Wax. I mean, what the HELL was I thinking?!?!
PLEASE, take it from Me. We were not MEANT to do our own Bikini wWaxes. It's a Disaster. God, I hope I don't have to go for an Emergency Pap Smear.
(Never mind that when I decided to put nail polish on my Farm Hand Fingers, it ended up being the same shade as Canned Tuna Fish. It was the only shade I had.) Whatever happened to the Girly-Girl I used to be??????
OK. Hockey's on, and I have a Baby Shower to plan. The SAME Baby Shower I decided to have the Weekend before we move.
Things are Looking Up.
Aren't Ya glad Ya stopped by?!

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