Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Circus Was in Town...

...and what a disaster it was!
My brother and The Stoner showed up with not just one teenaged boy, but two. Luckily, they were both very good, well-behaved boys, and they were no problem. That's the good part. Too bad, The Stoner and my brother couldn't be as well behaved.
So, where to start?
I was tired and still feeling the effects of Thursday Night's little phone chat party with Pez. So, after dinner, I went to bed with my latest book, The Kite Runner. And, I was very glad to not be a part of the Circus Act. My brother fell off the wagon (hard) and Stoner was drunk and stoned. They were all over each other to the point where everyone was uncomfortable. At one point, they were in the bathroom going at it, and all that seperated me from them was one very thin, trailer wall. (I put a stop to that pretty quick.) They were still up after everyone went to bed, and I guess that's when my dimwitted brother decided to be truthful and tell Stoner that her best friend reminded him of his Ex. (That revolting relationship ended over 8 years ago.) Stoner got pissed off and I guess that ended the Friday night party.
Saturday morning she gets up, and is still pissed off and she tells me the story, and that their relationship is over, she doesn't need an alcoholic in her life, how can she stay with him knowing that he wants her best friend...blah.blah.blah. I agreed with her, but I also reminded her that we had warned her three weeks ago, and what did she honestly think when we were ALL telling her what he was like when he drinks? Even my brother had warned her. And she chose to find out for herself. Then she says (get this) that she can handle the drinking, but not the fact that he wants her friend. Duh?????? Let me remind you, that this is a woman who claims she is a case worker at an Alcohol and Addiction Rehab Centre!!! WTF???? Honestly, I think that she is a client there, not an employee.
So, she's not talking to him, he can't drive home because he's hung over, but they decide to head on over to the Mennonites with the kids in tow, and her driving. (I'm wondering why the hell she didn't just drive them home, but whatever.) They come back from their outing, she's still pissed off at him and hasn't spoken to him. He's pissed off calling her a crazy bitch and saying it's over to everyone, but her. I'm thinking, ok, well, I guess that they are going home now.

No. Such. Luck.
She's steaming mad, starts pounding wine, and sits there at the campfire with this miserable, sour look on her face.
I talk to my brother and ask him when he's leaving. Soon, he says.
It's dinnertime, I'm feeling bad for the boys, so I figure, ok, let's feed them and then let them get the hell out of here.
But, after dinner, the boys have found out that there is a Teen Dance at the beach, and they want to go. Nobody says they are leaving. She's still sitting sour at the campfire, and my brother is mute beside her. And sober. He's trying to talk to her, and she's ignoring him. And, like dummies, we're all sitting right there in the silence staring into the fire. So, I ask them when they are leaving. Stoner says, the boys are having fun, so we're staying. (Glad you've moved into MY trailer, bitch!!!) I know, I know...I should have taken that opportunity to tell them to leave, but I didn't.
It was an early night, and yes, I had my fair share of wine.
So...this morning, I figure that FOR SURE they are going to get up and leave. She wakes up, I've got coffee on, and right away she starts bitching about my brother and rehashing the conversation we had yesterday. She asks me what I would do. I looked her straight in the eye, and said: I would have left yesterday.
She then tells me that she had promised her son a weekend away (gee...maybe it would have been nice if you'd asked ME?!) And she starts making breakfast.
She's STILL not talking to my brother! I corner him, and I tell him that after breakfast they have got to go.
But after breakfast the boys wanted to go for a swim. And she let them, even though my brother had already packed up their stuff. They came back from the lake, and then THAT's when Stoner and my brother decide to go for a walk and talk things over.
At this point, Greg is pissed off, and starts packing up our car. His sister just arrived with only one of her kids. He cleaned the trailer and was determined to just get the fuck out of there.
The boys are waiting, and waiting and waiting to go home, everyone's wondering where the two of them are. Just as we were about to get into the car and leave (two hours later!) the lovebirds came back.

Can you fuckin' believe that?!?????

And here I was worried about having to listen to Southern Rock all weekend.
If only...
So, that was my weekend. How was yours?!

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