Friday, June 09, 2006

41 and 1/365th

It was birthday number 41 yesterday and I opted for a quiet celebration with just my mom, brother, Greg's dad and step-mom, and us. It was a very nice day and evening actually, until my mom pissed me off by saying in front of everyone that she didn't like my hair and that I'd better lose weight, or I'd be sorry. Sigh. Thanks again.
Oh well, some people never change, and the sooner I realize that, the better off I'll be. I really should let stupid comments like that roll off my shoulders.
I did get an adorable little garden gnome from the kitties, and my romantic husband bought me a garden hose, and the largest bunch of flowers! The garden hose made me laugh as much as the frying pans that Greg got on his birthday made him laugh! The hose was definitely something I needed, and very thoughtful, indeed.
Well, we are now heading away for a much needed, quiet weekend. I plan to rejuvenate my mind, and come back a much more positive person.
Hope you have a great, relaxing weekend, too.

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