Monday, May 22, 2006

...In bed!

It was freakin' frickin' freezin' this weekend.
It was overcast, and raining, and just SO not summerlike at all.
I didn't shower for three days, was so stinky I resorted to bathing with baby-wipes, had the chills, and now have a chest cold. (cough!)
So, to turn this around and make something positive out of the past few days, I will try to think of all the good things that happened this weekend:
I read a book: the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by mark haddon. I liked it, it was an easy, enjoyable read. It was an interesting perspective about what goes on in the mind of an autistic boy during a turbulant time in his life.

I kicked ass in poker. And Monopoly. (Even though I am not competitive by nature.) ( did feel good to win!)

I re-discovered gin and tonic (G&T) and, so did Two-Four. Gin and Tonic or... my recipe is this: generous splash of gin, top up with tonic and throw in a lemon wedge. Bottoms Up. (When you run out of tonic, ginger ale will do.)
I found some wild catnip and transplanted it in our garden for Mao. He had a very good weekend.

It's lilac season, so I found some wild bushes and cut a few sprigs. They smell Soooo goooood!
My wedding dress sold at the consignment shop for $325. I am happy that my dress will make someone else happy.

We got home this evening and neither of us was interested in cooking, so we ordered Chinese food. And, neither of us really likes Chinese food but we were desperate...Long Weekend and all, there are not a lot of places open. So Ho-Lee Chow!!! came to our door, and, it was as mediocre as we had expected. The best part was our fortune cookies, because you know what you have to add on to the end of each fortune!
1. Others will take notice of your positive attitude...IN BED!
2. A sweet surprise awaits you...IN BED!
3. It is better to get something done late better than never...IN BED!

And, now...I'm going to go to bed. (Ah-choo!)

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