Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Week in Revue

This busy week is finally over! By the end of the week, my Gemini alter-ego had taken over and I had turned into a Beeeatch! I'm not sure what happened, but as the week went on I got less and less sleep, so by Friday I was hardly recognizable as myself. The highlight of the week was definitely meeting Kristi at the baseball game on Tuesday. Although I am not a huge baseball fan, going to the game was fun, and as an added bonus, I got to see Johnny Damon's sweet ass! It looked especially nice through the binoculars!

On Wednesday night, I had book club after work. This month's selection was Memoirs of a Geisha and compared the book to the movie, which we watched that night. I really enjoyed both. There is one member of the bookclub though, who I think does not like me. She is the mother of one of the people I had invited initially, and this person wanted to include her mother. OK, whatever. But I think Marg has taken offence to me because I didn't like her selection: Crow Lake Every single time we discuss a new book and I make a comment about how I liked the book, she points out that this book did not have nearly as much emotion as the book she chose, and she pointedly contradicts me. (Whatever lady...I've already got ONE mother to deal with!)

Thursday night I got two hours sleep, AND had to go in to work an hour early on Friday for a staff meeting. I was a very grumpy girl. I had tossed an turned, and elbowed Greg at even the slightest hint of a snore, moved to the couch for a while, and finally settled to sleep around 5am. (Poor Greg has a cold and couldn't help snoring!) I was grumpy as hell Friday morning and Greg and I were snippy with each other. He loudly said to me: if you're so goddamn tired I guess we can't go tonight. (Remember, my whole reason for going to the work party later was to set up D&J!)
I got to work, and my boss had bought me an Egg McMuffin for coming in early (OK, I love Egg McMuffins...but don't tell anyone!)
By 10:00 I called Greg all Sweet as Pie and told him I was feeling much better. (I was lying, but I wanted to be Yenta later!)
Anyway, to make a long story short, the dinner party was fabulous, and I caught D&J making googlie-eyes at each other! The introduction has been made, and the rest is up to them. I will provide phone numbers if requested, but that is all.
Today is Saturday, and I am happy to say that we have no obligations. Rummage Sale season officially started this weekend, so we went to one. I bought a book for 25 cents called Cold Mountain. I never did see the movie, but I'm sure I'll like the book. I love all that Southern Civil War, Gone With the Wind-era kind of stuff. After, we stopped at the market to buy dinner.
Like a beacon, a flare, a neon sign, these Beefsteak Tomatoes caught my attention. It is SO early in the season (they are usu. ripe in August) but they just looked so juicy and perfect and I just had to have them!

And they made me so happy. Because winter is gone, and the seasons...well they are a'changing!

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