Monday, April 24, 2006

Mini-Extreme Make-over!

Today, for the first time in 6 months I got my hair cut. I now have a style! And bangs, for the first time in about 15 years. They are not real bangs, like the 'bowl cut' type that my mom used to give me when I was younger. My mom was a hairdresser back in the day. When I was a teenager, she would practice the hairstyle on me, and then give Pez the most perfect cut outside in the backyard picnic table/salon area! OK, so maybe her hair wasn't perfect, but at least her hair always looked better than mine. And my mom would always rave about how thick and beautiful Pez's hair was after hacking and snipping at my flimsy little locks! Then she would try to tell me that I should have short hair, that it's much more 'becoming.' I'd get mad, and say something like "ya, much more becoming for a middle-aged woman!" And we'd fight. When I was about 18, on impulse I went to get my hair cut at a salon. I was afraid to go home, but, well you know, eventually I had to go home. And, of course my mom was pissed that I had gone and spent good money on having someone else cut my hair, and probably tipped them, too! I felt really bad about it, because I heard her crying, but to be honest, it was the first time I liked my haircut. She has refused to cut my hair ever since that time. Which, to be honest, is a lot less stressful.
So, now I am a middle-aged woman, and I've opted to try to grow my hair a little longer. After years of wearing it tied back in a pony-tail, I am going to try to start styling it (I wonder how long that will last?!) But my day at the hairdressers was great. I got fresh colour, a new cut, AND I had my furry eyebrows and moustache threaded!
Instant Mini-Extreme Make-Over!

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