Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tuesday night, I had the most wonderful opportunity to meet Kristi, from Interrupted Wanderlust and her husband! We had agreed to meet at a Blue Jays vs. Yankees baseball game, as Kristi and her hubby were in town for it. When we got to the game, I called her, and had a little trouble finding her amongst the throng of people below. We knew that we were in a similar section. Anyway, sometime around the third inning, Kristi and I found each other, and it was so nice! She was exactly as I had imagined her (and she looks so cute with her little Beastie Bump!) After the game, we met at their hotel lounge for a drink, and I can't believe how quickly 2 hours flew by! The guys talked sports, and clicked, which was good as they didn't need to be entertained. Kristi is an awesome girl, so interesting and fun, and friendly, and with the most beautiful cow eyes! (Her hubby has the same cow eyes, so you can imagine how pretty Beastie's eyes are going to be!)
Meeting a blogfriend was most definitely a great experience. I would absolutely recommend it, and look forward to the next time!

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