Monday, April 17, 2006

Busy Week Ahead!

I haven't been this nervous/excited since I was on Lavalife before I met Greg!
Tomorrow night I'm going to meet Kristi from Interrupted Wanderlust at the Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Yankees baseball game. It's the first time I'll be meeting a blogfriend in person! I'm SO looking forward to it! We've 'known' of each other since last July when she was going on her first camping trip, and had just started her blog. I can't wait to tell you all about our first meeting!
Have you ever met a blogfriend in in real life?
Wednesday night is our 4th bookclub meeting. It's kind of had a slow start, but is getting better. This month's book was Memoirs of a Geisha which I had read before , but was so happy to read again. It really is a fabulous story. We will be watching the movie on Wednesday evening, which I've been wanting to see before the Oscars.
Friday night, I am going to a house party with work friends. At this job, for some reason, I have opted not to get too chummy with them. I don't know why. Well, partly, I guess, because I always just had this thought that this job would not be a permanent place for me. It's a break. An intermission. Liminality until I find something else. I've never truly felt like I belonged, but that has been my doing completely. So, this Friday, Greg and I have been invited to the party, and something told me that I should agree to go. See...I plan on setting up Greg's friend with a nurse I work with. I seem to think that they will like each other. (So, it is a selfless plan!) They will meet....eyes will lock...they will instantly fall in love...get married...have babies...and live happily ever after.
Or...they will hate each other, and never trust my judgement again!
Truth be told, I have never set up any of my friends before. But, it worked out for Greg and I, so why not?
Have you ever been set up with friends before? Did it work out?