Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wednesday Night out on the Town

Well I just had the best time tonight!
Greg has a friend who is a drummer, and just hit it big time with a band named Danko Jones. I'd never heard of them before, but they will be headlining for Nickleback on their NorthAmerican tour. Dan is an incredible drummer and it was an amazing gig. Apparently Danko Jones is quite popular in Scandanavian countries. Click here for their website
But what happened afterwards, was SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Through Dan, we heard that Robin Williams was doing an open mike improv at some divebar up the road. We hightailed it up there, and heard the last 15 minutes of his show. He walked by, and I got to touch him!!!! I remember saying "I love you!!!" (Where the hell did that come from?!!!)
Anyway, for some strange reason, Greg, my brother and I ended up standing around at the same table as him and kinda shooting the shit with him. Well, I was starstruck and didn't say a whole lot, but it was pretty fun! And he was so nice to everybody. (I have to say, I thought he was a bigger man. What is it about celebrities seeming so much bigger on the screen?)

Anyway, I guess Robin is in town doing a movie, and I overheard him saying to someone that he was reading the local entertainment rag and heard it was open mike night at The Oasis. He thought it would be fun to do a little show.

He was right!