Friday, January 06, 2006

Blog Slob

Well, I've been somewhat of a blog slob this week, eh?! What a way to start the New Year!
Truth is, there was another resolution that I made to myself, and that was to work a little more (OK, full-time hours) and to start to dig my way out of debt. So, I've been working some odd hours. This week, I have also spent a number of hours with Salena, as she is Wedding Dress Shopping. She is more particular than me, and hasn't quite settled for the first dress that she liked, although, I know, that she will buy the first dress she tried on last week. It really was beautiful, and one that she has pictured herself in.
I returned my dress to the shop, and am hoping that someone else will love it as much as I did, and buy it as impulsively as I did.
Other happenings this week:
I went to a Cityline live tv broadcast on Tuesday. It was a home decorating show, but quite fun. I immediately signed up to go on the show again. (I am hoping to get a free makeover!)
Greg and I watched Million Dollar Baby the other night. I HATED it! It was a two thumbs down, 1/10 movie. To be honest, I was thoroughly disgusted with it. Don't get me Clint, love Morgan, even think Hilary is pretty good. But I thought the movie lacked honesty and intelligence. It was a typical recipe: poor girl with lots'o'heart, makes it big in boxing, falls down and goes boom. Dies. It was like a Monday Night at the Movies kind of movie. (OK...I realize that I am 2 years too late for this movie review) MY point is...and this is my point...if you're gonna spend millions of dollars making a movie, why not hire a medical professional to tell you how to make the medical parts realistic? I've noticed lately, that even on the Y&R they are putting the siderails up on the beds when there is a patient in the bed. When someone is critically ill, they are not on nasal prongs, they are intubated and on ventilators...and they can not have normal conversations with a tube shoved down their throats. (Yes, sometimes they try, but this is not a good thing!) (You can permanently damage vocal cords) I think someone should hire me for this job.
My point of this rant is...the movie pissed me off so much, that 3 days later, I'm still pissed off about it. I'm sure professional boxers might have been just as annoyed at this movie.
Does this at all indicate how uneventful the first week of 2006 was for me?!
WW is going ok. I've cut down on the vino, but not eliminated it. I'm eating better. Next week, I'll incorporate the exercise.
Uh huh. Right.

What else?
I got nothin.

Happy first week of 2006!

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