Sunday, September 25, 2005

We were up at the trailer this weekend, and the trailer season is definitely ending. There is a nip in the air. Just two more weekends to go. The season is open from May 24-Thanksgiving. (Canadian Thanksgiving is always in October, although I really don't know WHY it's in October, and WHY they pick a certain weekend.) This year it is early in October, last year it was late. OK...let me look this up: Canadian Thanksgiving
...Oh, ok. Seems simple enough. 2nd Monday in October. Did you know that? I didn't. Neither did Greg. And our Thanksgiving has nothing to do with Pilgrams! (I, of course, knew that...)
The leaves are just ever-so starting to change their colour. The days just a little more crisper, smelling of dropped leaves, and the campfire evenings a touch brisker. My toes were cold all night, no matter how deep into the back of Greg's knees I tried to bury them. I was thankful for the warmth of little kitty-bodies, and sometimes pulled them even a little closer.

Yesterday, 2-4 and I went for a walk down to the beach as we were both looking to find some good rocks for our garden. (I was also thinking: hmmm...half hour walk: 2 WWpoints, and I can trade them for a glass of wine!)
Lake Belwood is a man-made lake, that is very high in the spring and by the winter is just a creek. Back in the day, there was a railroad track that went along that route and when the lake is but a trickle, you can still see those old rails.
Right now, the lake is wide river. Here is a picture that I took yesterday:
Can you guess what these wheels are attached to?

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