Sunday, September 18, 2005

Thank you!

The Kitties on the window ledge, their favourite sleeping spot

So this has not been the best week I've ever had. Certainly not the worst, but definitely uncomfortable and disappointing. I've been trying really hard to "Let it Go" and not let it get to me and for the most part, I am doing ok. I am trying to think more positive thoughts so that I stop feeling so deflated. Believe it or not, the Kitties have been a great source of comfort. There is something to be said for pet therapy: unconditional love and affection, no judgement or criticism, and a warm body always nearby for a good snuggle. The Dutchess, in particular, has been a very cuddly cat this week. I think she knew something was up.
I have also found an incredible support through all my blog friends and visitors. It was extrememly therapeutic for me to write all that crap down and get my thoughts and feelings out. There's nothing like airing your dirty laundry! The comments have all been incredibly supportive, the advice sensible, and I am very appreciative. It has been nice to receive validation that I am not the one with personality disorder.
So, to everyone: A big, heartfelt Thank you!
Have a wonderful Sunday!