Thursday, July 28, 2005

Scratchie Records

There are a few nights when Greg and I first met that REALLY stand out in my mind. His too. Music has been a huge part of our relationship. We enjoy going to live Indie bands, concerts around the city, listening to MTV, whatever. There is always music playing in our home.
One night, before Greg and I were living together, we were hanging out in his basement apartment. I never really liked going there, but once in while I felt guilty and agreed to hang out at his place.
But this one night, in particular, was great. We sat for HOURS in candlelight, enjoyed some vino tinto and listened to scratchie records, one after the other. The Who, Simon and Garfunkle, Hair, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd,The Beatles, The Stones. Greg had inherited all of these records from his older sisters (who, ahem..are my age!) None of the records had their cases any more, and every circle of vinyl looked like cats had been using it as a scratch pad. But you just can't beat that nostalgic sound! Every second beat you could hear the 'skip' and there is that undercurrent sound of crackle (kind of like a fireplace, but without the fire!) It was one of the best, most romantic nights in our 'courtship' (teehee! Isn't that a funny word?!)
...and I'll always remember that night.
Tonight, Greg went over to his old basement apartment where he'd left a few things, and brought them Home. The record player. The scratchie records. The musty basement stink...
Right now we are listening to 'Sweet Smoke.' Absolutely incredible. And something I have never heard before. Check it out:
I think it's really good. Greg is in his Glory.
...And scratchie records? Nothing like it. It's good times.

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