Tuesday, June 07, 2005

STILL 39!!!

For one more day. Or, considering that I was born in Berlin, Germany where they are 6 hours ahead, I guess I have even less than a day. I believe that I was born early in the morning, like at 5am. Which, perhaps can't be right, because I am most definitely NOT an early-bird!
Anyway, looking forward today, it promises to be a beatiful day. We've been having a heat-wave of sorts. Last night, Greg and I were out on the roof for hours chitchatting about quite a few things. Two things came up:
1) Neither one of us are 100% sure that we want to move. We love the condo, hate that there is not quite enough room. We talked about creative storage, and maybe staying in the condo for a bit longer. Condo sale, on hold. I think.
2) We will revisit the adoption topic in a year's time. Neither one of us is sure that's what we want to do. There is something to be said for living child-free, and maybe neither one of us is ready to look into adoption seriously. And besides, it is expensive. Even more expensive than donor egg option, which was the only other choice the IF doc gave us.
Anyway, we loved being up on the roof. It is so nice up there, I'll take some pics for you all.
Have a great day!

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