Friday, June 10, 2005

Sleepless in Toronto

Apparently, when you turn 40, you immediately start suffering from insomnia.
Imagine this:
3:58 am and internal alarm clock starts clanging. Get out of bed, go pee, get a cloudy drink of tepid tap water because I want to get back to bed as fast as I can so I don't wait for the water to even get cold.
4:04 am. Wonder how I could have been so stoopid for continuing to pay $48.99/month in maintainance fees for a parking spot in a condo that I moved OUT of more than two and a half years ago! Am glad that I finally realized it and put a stop payment on the automatic withdrawal from my account, but am now wondering how the hell, if at all, I am going to get back $1,469.70 that I have overpaid. Not to mention that the guy who bought my condo nearly two and a half years ago has probably been parking HIS car for free!
4:10 am. Wonder where I am going to have this bridal shower for Christine now that I've been told I can't have a private function on the rooftop as it will exclude all the other people who are up on the roof. What the Fuck?! That should teach me a lesson. I tried to do the right thing by clearing it with the Property Manager to invite 16 people. She bluntly told me NO. I should have kept my big mouth shut and feigned ignorance when I got in trouble after.
4:27 am. Still awake, wondering if NOT moving is really the right choice, afterall, I've already packed up 50 trillion boxes of other peoples' junk that I've bought at various garage and rummage sales and rented a storage locker that is costing $100/month. Now, I'll have to unpack all that junk, and I've got nowhere to put it, except the laundry room that has still not been cleaned out and painted.
4:44 am. Get out of bed and check email and blog. Do a bit of blogstocking.
5:15am. Decide I am too cold to sit at the computer any longer as Greg has turned the A/C to some ungodly subzero temperature. Turn off A/C
5:39am. I'm hot, Greg is sweating. Get up, turn A/C back on. Decide to clean kitchen. But quietly, so as not to wake up the sweatmonster. Empty dishwasher, reload dishwasher with all the dirty dishes piled up in the sink. Wipe cat prints and wine rings off counter. Clean kitty litter box. Decide to start cleaning laundry room. First, must start a load of laundry.
6:20 am. Making real progress on the laundry room! Put 3 months worth of newspapers in red trundle buggy for recycling. (Was saving paper for packing) Make mental note to cancel newspaper subsription.
6:51am. Back to computer. More blogstocking. Decide to update my own blog with all this interesting stuff that has happened since turning 40.
7:20am. First load of laundry done. Headache starting from lack of sleep. Thank god I don't have to work today!
7:35 am. Finish writing blog. Will turn on TV, afterall, I can sleep all day...

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