Friday, June 24, 2005

Did You Ever?

I got my inspiration today from the new billboard outside our window. It gets changed every month (I think. I've never really paid too much attention.) Last month was a Golfing ad with Mike Weir, not too inspirational. Not for me anyway, as I'm not much of a golfer. Well, I DID go to the driving range once last summer with Greg and I DID hit a few balls about 20 feet to the left! But that's not the story I had in mind to tell.
The billboard this month is for Heineken Beer "Flirt in Another Language."
Now, I've never really thought of myself as a Flirt. In fact, I always thought I lacked the gene, or rather, that my mother hoarded that gene to herself. She is Queen Flirt. But that's not really my story either.
Years ago, I was on a vacation to Berlin, visiting the Oma's. One night my cousin took me to this great little bar that was playing Dixieland music (who'da thunk...Dixieland in Germany?!) Anyway, he wandered off, and I was just listening and enjoying the music. Lo and behold, an American Soldier comes by and starts chatting me German! He was actually a very nice guy and I was so amused that he was trying to speak to me. I also speak German (quite broken these days) so I let him think I was a local. I told him I was born in Berlin, that I was a nurse, about how much I liked this bar, blahdeeblahblah. My cousin came by during this conversation and he was cracking up, because he knew what I was doing. I let the poor guy struggle to speak with me in a language fairly foreign to him for about 20 minutes, while I was secretly giggling to myself! (OK, I know...I have a mean streak!) Well, he must have liked me, enough anyway to invite me to a Square Dance event at his compound the next day. At that point I had to come clean. I switched from German to my perfectly Canadian accented english. The look on his face was priceless! It took him a second to realize I was no longer speaking German. (In fairness to myself, he NEVER asked me if I spoke english) He actually started laughing, and he was SO happy, he looked like he had struck paydirt. He no longer had to struggle with this difficult language! Unfortunately I was leaving Berlin the next day so I couldn't DohSiDoh with him, but it was a fun evening, nonetheless.
And the guy had balls flirting in German.

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