Sunday, June 26, 2005


Today I felt like I was 17 again...
but in a really good way.
We slept in.
Greg realized he needed to drive back to the trailer as he forgot his wallet.
I had this idea in my head that I wanted a closeup picture of a cow.
I decided to go with him.
Digital cam needed new batteries. Checked all remotes, and other little appliances for AA batteries ~ all seem to be AAA ;)
Stopped at local convenience store and bought cheapo AA's, water and Jamaican Spicey Beef Patties (for breakfast!)
Bee-lined it up to the trailer.
Made a delicious G&T (ok, I know~legal age limit 19)
Watered flowers.
Made another G&T. With extra lemon.
Headed for home (Greg drove)
Stopped 5 minutes later in the village for a homecheeseburger.
Started trek home along the country roads, in search for cows.
Blasted the A/C, rolled down the windows and cranked the tunes! Psychedic Sunday! Classic Rock!
Sang tunelessly out of the top of my lungs!
Followed a motorcycle group along the roads, it felt like we were part of their group.
Sang 'Hey Jude...I saw you nude. Saw you na-ked. Don't try to fake it...'
Had my arm out the window, my foot on the dashboard. The wind in my ear. Admired my scarlet red toenails. Started feeling my arm burning from the sun.
Passed a place that sold Emu Meat. Laughed hysterically over "EEEMEWWW MEEEET" Said it 10 times fast. And laughed some more.
Found cows. OMG!!! Digital cam still not working! AA batteries bought at local convenience store. Dead. Already. All 4 of them. The batteries, not the cows. Oh well. (Will download someone else's picture later) (see the cow? Not my picture)
Made it home, back to the hazy, soupy city.
Ran out the door, up the street, to catch the tail end of the Pride Parade. We do it every year. We stayed for maybe 20 minutes, but I feel like I am supporting my gay friends, and how they celebrate their lives.
Somehow, miraculously, in-almost-slow-motion, I caught a free, hot-pink, Schick Quattro for Women, 4 bladed, high performance razor! It hit the first person's hand in the air, the second person's, the third, fourth, fifth, bounced off the sixth person's chest and I hastily snatched it as it bounced off his belly...WITH, MY LEFT HAND!
Walked home, cracked open some wine, placed the glass at the side of the keyboard...and started to remember my day.

And how it feels to be 17 again, with not a care in the world.