Friday, April 22, 2005


Las Vegas was great. I liked it much more than I ever imagined I would. The hotels were absolutely wonderful, the casinos not nearly as smokey or noisey as I thought they would be, gambling was more fun than I thought it would be (I won $300!) and of course, our girly-weekend was a success.
Since we hadn't really spent a lot of time together since our teens, it was interesting to see how much we had changed, and, how much we hadn't changed! I think our basic personalities were still there...Denine being the leader, Leah Ann still thinks in black and white, and I go with the flo (once known as the 'follower.') Other than a few quirks, stresses and worries we got along as well as we always did. We had ourselves some tame fun, and good laughs. We walked miles and miles and miles, and then some more miles...and STILL didn't see everything!
I'm looking forward to going back, and will likely do this sooner, rather than later.
I've tried uploading some pictures to snapfish, but am not sure that it will work. Let me know!;jsessionid=70E61A672A4D7BEBEE5C3B1B1102DE29