Sunday, April 10, 2005

OK, so it took me a while to send out my draft copy from earlier this week. I never did edit it, so I just sent it today. I guess I haven't written much, because it just never seems like anything new is happening, or nothing exciting or of interest to anyone else.

So...let's is work. There is absolutely nothing new that I can say about that.

I have not done well on my WW this past week. I have had a ravenous appetite, similar to a starving lion's. I am totally carnivorous this week, in fact, Greg and I have thick juicy steaks that we are making for dinner. Our plan was to have a nice afternoon on the rooftop, have a few beers and a barbecue. I had an apricot beer, and fell asleep on the couch while reading about Prince Charles and Camilla. Total number of calories burned on this glorious sunny day=0.

We did look at an open house today in the unit below ours, and that was the highlight of my day! The unit has mint green broadloom throughout, and wallpaper everywhere. The good news is that this unit, and another 1 bedroom unit in the building are selling for $264,900.00, which honestly is about $15k more than I thought about putting my place on sale for. And, my unit is beautiful, with potlights (see earlier post), wide plank laminate flooring throughout (looks like oak barn board), and california shutters. When I come home, it feels like home. That's what I am looking for in a house, too. And, when someone glimpses MY home, they will want to snatch it up in a day!!! (LOL, I have big dreams!)

Vegas is 5 days away! I plan on winning the jackpot on the slot machines with the first $20 I spend. I am not a gambler (one bad habit I don't have!) so I really don't plan on winning. When I asked Leah Ann how much she was budgeting towards the casinos, she replied that she wasn't sure...whenever we dragged her away, she supposed. I told her that I'd be waiting at the bar...although I've heard that you get free drinks as long as you are gambling...I'll have to see if that really is true!

Greg is addicted to X-box. I hate that X-box thing! What's worse is that he keeps playing this boring baseball game over and over again! And, when he's not playing X-box baseball, he's watching the friggin' Blue Jays! I WANT HOCKEY BACK!!!! I am sorry, but there is nothing more boring than baseball. Unless, of course, you are at the game, drinking beer in the sun, and watching boys. However, most boys who watch baseballs are the kind who had mullets Back in the Day...

Speaking of brother is now sporting one! He's upset about it...but honestly. What is a stylist supposed to do, when you say you want it short in the front, but longer in the back?! To me, it clearly says "Mullet." (Pure Business in the front...All Party in the back!!!)

Speaking of family...we were all at my mom's on Saturday night for her birthday. I have to give my mom (Ingrid) credit. She looked great. She had this hairpiece thingy on that made her look like she had a flouncy pony-tail and she was in high spirits. Did I mention Dave (Sappo) was there? (See earlier post) He was ALL over her, trying to hold her hand, hugging her, and even attempting to kiss her! Hilarious! She was wierded out by it, but he still had memories of January when she was drunk and all over him. What comes around....goes around! Anyway, she didn't piss me off yesterday. Which is always a good thing.

OK, I think I have made up for my non-attendance to this blog. Have a great week!