Sunday, March 27, 2005


Happy Easter Chickadees!
I have not had ANY chocolate yet. I guess I'm trying to keep track of those points. And, somehow I have to make up for the 9 points worth of wine I drank last night while trying to figure out Greg and my taxes. (I could go for a nice long walk, or do some exercise to try to burn off some points, but that would require me getting off this chair that now has my ass permanently imprinted on it.)
I actually DID spend about three hours doing our taxes at work on Friday (the Old-fashioned way, with a pencil and calculator) and was quite impressed with myself and excited at the thought of over $7000.00 in returns between the two of us. Greg was skeptical, to say the least. He says that he never gets much of a return as he works for the Government, and they know EXACTLY how much to take off. I was convinced that not only was he going to get back a whopping $1100 for 2004...but also $1400 for the previous year for which he didn't even BOTHER to file a return! And I was going to get back $5500.00 this year! Yippee!!! Money woes be gone!!! I can go to Vegas and not feel guilty for spending money I don't have! The trailer fees can be paid for, and we can afford the repairs. What a huge sigh of relief...SIGH!
Until I re-did our taxes with a newfangled computer programme 'U-file.' OK, probably not so new, but I figured that I would invest in the programme, and PROVE to Greg that we are soon to be RICH.
OK, so imagine my surprise (disappointment) when the computer, in less that 5 minutes, reported our returns to be less than HALF of what I had figured it out to be! Stupid computer! I was SO sure that the computer was wrong, so I looked over my longhand papers again. Ooops! I neglected to continue one of the schedules on the other side of the paper. Shit!!! On all THREE files too! Shit!!! I HATE it when I'm proved wrong! I got up from the desk, and had a shower to clear my mind and decide on my next plan of action...
I know! I will file as common-law spouses! That ought to rake in some cash...technically we have been living together for a year and we are eligible. So, I re-filed on the computer and half an hour later...VOILA! We are now a whopping $40 richer than the first time the computer spit out our supposed refund. $40!!! Hmpff!!! Hardly worth it. And somehow...Common-law just sounds so...well...common. So, I had more wine.
And today, I'm trying to tackle the points. A bottle of wine is 12 points ( and I KNOW I did NOT drink the whole bottle yesterday.) Truth is, I'm not doing as well as I had hoped with the whole Weight Watcher thing. Wine should have ZERO should fall under the Water category.
I would not have ANY problem ticking off the 6 little boxes under 'Water' ...if I could just drink wine instead.

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