Friday, March 18, 2005

Surprise Engagement Party

Deep down I think (ok, I KNOW) I have an evil streak.
Thursday night there was a surprise engagement party held for Salena. I did not plan this party, rather another one of Sal's friends did. A friend who I don't particularly like. She has this air of superiority around her that pisses me off everytime out paths cross. I have known her for about 10 years, and my first impression of her has never changed. So, she organized this dinner party at a very nice restaurant and asked me for help inviting guests. Well, unfortunately, the people who I suggested were not able to attend, and at the last minute, I invited another person who was very happy to be there. I called L. the night before the dinner and she lets me know that I've basically 'put her out' as she has the dinner placecards already printed out, and if she'd known that so-and-so wasn't coming, she would have invited another couple. And, basically that I shouldn't have invited this other person, but that it was too late now, the table will just have to be uneven. I, of course, let little things like this get to me, and I lost sleep over it. It never occurred to me that it was a formal dinner.
So we get to the restaurant, and she has these hand-printed placecards set out the table. Very nice, but hardly did I put her out by having to handprint one more. The guys were all ticked off that they couldn't sit where they wanted and everybody ended up playing musical placecards sitting where they wanted, not where L. wanted them to. Anyway, she pissed me off again, when she kept referring to Greg as 'Your Boyfriend' (like she didn't know his name) I reminded her.
Then, at the dinner, she called him Scott. Honestly, I know its petty, but I feel like she did this on purpose to insult me. (ok, maybe she was paying me back for years ago when I erroneously called her boyfriend whom she was with that evening by her other bf's name ...she was two-timing) (But! I seriously was very embarrassed about it, and very apologetic)

I don't know exactly what it is about her, she is very subtle, and yet very pointed, and knows where to dig. (or maybe I am just super-sensitive.) At one point she was outside with the guys and they were making little chitchat about their jobs. This is a woman who has been a nurse for 15 yrs, has been working on her psychology degree for years and has just landed a job a month ago working "As an Investigator for the College of Physicians." Now don't get me wrong, she has worked hard to get to where she is, but it was her derogatory comments about nursing that bugged my ass. And...every single woman at the table was a nurse, she had to one-up everybody by calling herself an 'Investigator.' Which she is, but it is that 'Superior Being' quality that I hate. She was hired because she has a medical background, not because she is a super-sleuth.
So, the night went on, and I was stewing. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I HAD to get a dig in at her!
I very sweetly turned to her boyfriend and (making sure L. could hear) told him that he and L. have the MOST beautiful baby girl in the world...that she has the most beautiful eyes and absolutely illegal length eyelashes...she looks just like her dad! (Actually, their daughter really is a beauty)
And, I am a bitch. And, a bit ashamed of myself for letting her get to me.
And, I'm sure she doesn't like me much either, and may be pissed off that Salena is only having one person stand up for her at the wedding, and she already asked me. Today, L. sent me pictures of the party, and one was of her and Sal...the caption under the picture was "Best Friends...a beautiful postcard memory at a perfect engagement party."
Hmmpf. It's like we're 5 yr old's pulling each other's hair, not nearly 40 yr old mature women.