Thursday, February 10, 2005

Pot lights

Greg took Tues off work, but actually decided to do something around the apartment. This place is really a dark hole during daylight hours (memo to self: new house must have southern exposure.) Anyway, I have been talking about having track lighting put in for about the past 2 and a half years. Now that we are talking about moving and buying a house, everything is getting done (of course.) So, since Greg had driven me to work I decided that I didn't want to interrupt his concentration and took the TTC home. Well, I have NEVER taken the bus home from work before but thought what the hell, let's see how long it'll take. For some reason, I thought it would take me an hour and a half or so. I am embarrassed to say, it took all of a half an hour. Or, it would have taken a half an hour if I hadn't stopped to look at bedsheets and towels for an additional half hour.
I got home, and my breath was taken away! Not track lights...but POT lights! When all 10 are on it looks a bit like an airport runway, but I have been assurred that they will be divied up and put on seperate switches. Looks great...and should be an additional selling feature.