Friday, December 19, 2008

What?! Two posts in one week?! You must think I'm crazy.
This week, I have been at work a total of 1.5 days. I went in yesterday for a few hours but ducked out as I need to go to the dentist and have a crown repaired. I have this weird genetic deformity where I still have two baby teeth in my mouth and of course, they are not doing so well (maybe because the tooth fairy negelcted to take them 35 years ago?!) Anyway, this is the third time in three years I've had to have this crown repaired. My dentist, who I really like, has told me I should really start thinking about inplants (not the boob-kind.) At $3500 a tooth, I'm a bit hesitant, and yet I don't want to be walking around toothless either. That's not a hawt look.
Last night I had invited Awesome Audrey over for dinner and I had every intention of having dinner ready for her by 6:30 pm SHARP as she is very particular about when she eats dinner. Well, my little SIL was over last night to see Laila and she volunteered to make dinner. No worries...except she had never made dinner before. Awesome A had almonds for dinner because 9pm was too late for her to eat. Uh-oh. She and her hubby think that Greg and I are way to relaxed about our timeliness around the dinner hour. They eat between 6 and 6:30 everyday, without fail. Greg and I usually ask each other if we're hungry, then decide what we are going to eat, and then usually eat around 8pm. This is normal for us, and quite frankly how we were raised. Both of our fathers came home late from work, and the family waited for them. We always ate late in my family and it never seemed strange. I realize though, that if we had kids, we definitely would have be more regimented.
Awesome A sets the dinner table before she leaves for work in the morning, I feed my cats on the dining room table so the dogs don't get into their food. We usually eat downstairs in front of the tv and a fancy night for us is eating in the living room at the coffee table. Hmm...I guess we are a little too relaxed.
Big snowstorm coming today, and I rather intelligently decided yesterdayto take a vacation day so I wouldn't have to deal with the weather that is supposed to hit full-force this afternoon during rush hour. I do have a few last minute Christmas things to do, so I'm heading out to Wally-Mart before the roads get too sloppy.
In fact, I'm not even going to worry about my bedhead. I'll plop a hat on, some yoga pants, a big coat and worry about a shower later. Or tomorrow. Whatever.


Begered said...

I don't know how you survive in that cold weather. I am freezing my ass off here in California!

I have a friend that has the same thing with his teeth. I am not sure how many bu he still has some baby teeth and is going to get implants.

moon said...

We usually eat late husband being from france..its a normal thing for them...When we went last spring, I had to laugh because even in Mcdonalds, their rush hour is 8pm. We were there to check our emails a cpl times...Everything they do there is geared to eat around 8pm..stores close at they can make supper for 8...and actually the big meal of the day is at noon...They always have a few courses and take time to eat, and enjoy, unlike us in northamerica, we rush our meals.....Anyway...hubby and I usually eat later then most here also.
I LOVED the pic of the new member of your family, Laila is adorable!! I think its always better for dogs to have a companion...
Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Maria said...

Oh you made me laugh. No you are not too relaxed. You are just you and that is how it should be. I hope you had a great Christmas. I loved the cat photos.