Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Part of the reason I haven't blogged is that I feel like I don't have anything to say anymore. Life just goes on and there is nothing all that exciting going on. The weather is starting to get cooler and somehow I don't think we made the most of the summer.
We've only been to the trailer a handful of times, mostly because Greg has been avoiding his mom and all her issues with little SIL. Saying that, they are coming to Toronto today and staying with us for a few days. She doesn't feel comfortable staying at my other SIL's place because her husband doesn't make her feel welcome. Anyway, family drama never seems to end.
One good thing about the trailer is that we have HOT water, a FLUSH toilet and ELECTRICITY throughout! Turns out that the electrical line had been unplugged, likely by a wild animal, years ago. HMPF! Next time we go up, I might even have an oven that works!
I have been getting along really well with my mom, we've actually had REAL conversations lately, not just two minute check-ins. I think that we are both happy about this.
Health wise, I've been back to WW for the 18th time, but have only lost 5 lbs in three months. Red wine and dieting don't go well together.
I found out recently that I will be able to keep my temporary educator position for another year, which I am very pleased about. The job has it's own stresses, but overall, I like it a lot.
I'm heading in to work a little later today and doing an evening shift as one of our new hires is not working out well and I need to go in and see what the safety concerns are. This is the part of the job that I don't like. I've tried to help this nurse out before by giving her an extended orientation, but she doesn't seem to 'get it.' You know how some people are book-smart, but then don't know how to apply their knowledge to real-life? I think that is what she is like.
Anyway. As I'm getting ready this morning, the doorbell rings and I'm thinking that it is UPS delivering my replacement Blackberry (that I must have run over with my car.) At the door was a little old couple wearing hats and all dressed up. I immediately recognised them as Jehovah's Witnesses. I normally don't answer the door when they come, but again I was thinking it was UPS. Buddy usually barks when there is someone at the door, but he is pretty obedient when told to stop barking, and we don't encourage him to bark unnecessarily. Today however, a little evil streak popped up in my brain, and I let him keep barking. I opened the screen door a fraction of an inch, apologized to Church Lady that my dog wasn't friendly towards strangers and let her slide the Watch Tower towards me. They ran down the driveway, and I must admit, I had a little laugh to myself. Buddy was still barking at them through the window. I know that was mean, but door to door religion pushers bug me. to work I go!


Pez said...

There you are! WB! You are back, right? :)

Don't you know that you never, ever, ever take anything from the JW's because if you do it is an invitation for them to come back. Keep Buddy on watch for them!

moon said...

U know u will go to hell now don't you! LOL!