Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour

Greg and I and our neighbours participated in Earth Hour last night. We were invited for dinner, and although it was my idea, everyone was into it. Before we left, I turned our thermostat down two degrees. As a hostess gift, I re-gifted a candle (!) wrapped it in the cover of yesterdays newspaper that had the heading "Let There be Dark", and then dropped it in the sleeve of the newspapers' home delivery bag. (OK, the bag is plastic, but it did get reused, and then my neighbour can reuse it again as a doggie poop bag!) At 8pm, we settled down to a candlelight dinner, turned off the hockey game, turned off the radio and enjoyed good old fashioned conversation. We enjoyed it so much, that we sat in candle light all evening.
It was really good time, I almost wish we could have earth hour every month.
Did you participate?


Pez said...

Sounds like fun! You sure have the reuse of reduce, reuse, recycle down pat! :)

I did not participate as I was experiencing a harrowing drive home in the snow. A decade of living away from a snowy climate and I freak out at any accumulation. My car got stuck and my family had to come rescue me too.

atpanda said...

We participated, but, um, also discovered that Scrabble is not the activity of choice for candle-lit energy-saving time.

P.S. I think a new blog design is a GREAT gift. I got mine (which, I know, is neglected) as a gift. Troll Baby did mine, but she calls herself 'Swank' now.

Kristi said...

What a fun night. I didn't participate because we were out to dinner at the time, but I'm glad so many people did.