Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yesterday was the first time that I ever had the opportunity to interview someone. This was the second interview for this nurse and he was very nervous. I felt a little like Paula Abdul because I commented on his attire. He looked great! He was wearing a suit and tie and it was nice to see that he was taking the interview seriously. I wasn't in on his first interview but had been told that he did a terrible job, had answered questions incorrectly. His response when asked "what do you think that your co-workers would say about you" was "That I'm stupid." When asked to elaborate, it was because he worked too hard and didn't take his breaks.
Anyway, maybe because I'm like a deer in headlights when it comes to me being interviewed, but I wanted him to get the job. So, I found myself helping him out a little bit. Not telling him the answers, but kind of steering him in the right direction. Remember, I had the interview tool in front of me so I knew how he should be answering the questions.
Anyway, the long and short of it is, that my manager decided to reconsider him for the job that he had initially applied for. There is another male nurse who has been hired so the two of them will really stir the pot in this estrogen-fueled unit. I think it's going to work well, and I'm happy that he's being reconsidered.
It was really interesting being on the other side of the interview table. I never was interviewed for this job as I was the only one who applied. And, I know my manager is happy with this situation. She and I are similar in personality and in positive thoughts of improving the work environment. I'm looking forward to this new career chapter. I really hope it works out.

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