Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm cheating with Napoblomo, as I forgot all about it yesterday. I will make up for it and post 2 today to make up for it.
I'm at work right now, in my office, on my lunch break and decided to visit Kross-eyed Kitty (with the door shut.) I never visit my blog, or other friend's blog when I am at work because I'd hate to accidently forget to erase the history. So here I am in my office, feeling a little guilty about blogging, but then I remind myself that I am allowed a lunch break, and I DID just finish eating my lunch in my office. So, I will not feel guilty although I suppose I can consider it a new guilty pleasure!
It's probably a good thing that Facebook access has been banned at the hospital, because that truly has become somewhat of an addiction. I have about 6 scrablulous games on the go. The only person I consistently lose games to is Pez. She is scrabulously smart!
Do you blog at work? Do you Facebook?

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