Tuesday, November 06, 2007

NaBloPoMo Day #6

Today was another sucessful day at work. I was up at 6:30 and took Buddy out for a run. Holy Crap! It was minus 5 degrees C out there and winter has not even arrived! I am going to have to buy much warmer clothes if I am going to survive winter dog-walking.
Greg and I are now on the same schedule, which means that our work hours don't overlap at all and Buddy is inside for nearly 10 hours. Today the poor little guy peed on the rug and it was clear that it's too long a day for him to be crossing his hind legs. I've made an agreement with my brother that when he is available, he will come by and spend some time with Buddy and let him out. It will be good bonding time for the two of them because since B's run-in with the car, he has been a little afraid of my brother. He barks and shakes initially, but then after about 10 minutes he is fine. I feel a little bad for my bro because he absolutely adores animals, and it bugs him that this pup has a fear of him.
I'm pretty tired tonight and think I am going to head to bed soon. I went grocery shopping after work today, came home and started a birthday dinner for one of our friends. It turned out really good. Finished dinner, did the dishes had a shower, blogged and am now barely able to keep my eyes open.
Gotta Go...

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atpanda said...

Poor little guy! I worry about my pups being home alone that long every day too. Luckily it gets easier as they get older. :-)