Saturday, November 03, 2007

NaBloPoMo Day #3

I graduated Nursing School in 1989, which had as it is to believe, was 18 years ago. And, if you count the 2 and a half years in school, it's been over 20yrs. So, that's pretty much 20 years where my wardrobe has consisted of uniforms and casual clothes. Mind you, I did have a few years in the Middle East where I glammed it up at parties and gala events. The year I started Nursing School they did away with the crazy cap thing. What it's purpose was, I have no idea as it surely must have been knocked off a thousand times a day either by a crazy patient, a curtain around the bedside or for a number of other reasons. The year I started nursing school was also the year that nurses had to stop smoking at the nurses station. So, I never had the pleasure of dressing like Nurse Ratched. Which was a good thing.

During school we had to wear white pantsuits or dresses. I opted for the dresses, with white support hose, bobby socks and white wedgies.
I started my first job at the hospital where I am now the day after I graduated school. I was thrilled that I could now wear coloured pastel dresses, and I upgraded my footwear to Lady Foot Locker sneakers. I was cool. Never mind that when I had to crawl up on a bed to do haul a patient out of bed, or do CPR my dress would hike up, my slip would show, my light support hose would slide down and the crotch would end up somewhere near my knees and all in all it wasn't too comfortable. I'm sure that someone out there enjoyed the show, but it certainly wasn't me!

I ended up, as you know, in Saudi Arabia where the dress code was actually not too bad. It was a white pants with a tunic top that covered your B-hind, and covered your elbows. I scrounged up this pic of me hard at work (and apparently having a really good time? I must have been caught off-guard in this shot, I'm usually wearing the Nurse Ratched frown.) The uniform itself wasn't too bad, but the material was horribly scratchy. I had to turn it in when I left so that some other lucky ass could wear it after me.

For the last 8 years I have lived in green scrubs. It has made life very easy. I get up, throw my greens on, throw my hair back in a pony tail, wash my face, brush my teeth, slap a bit of make-up on and I could be out the door in 15 minutes. Low Maintenance. Notice that I don't even bother with a shower in the AM, I save the water for a luxurious bath after work. Initially, when I was single and on the prowl, I'd have my bath, girlie myself up and look half decent when heading out on dates.
Since meeting Greg, and getting the trailer, my after work clothes have become extremely casual. You could say that I have moved from Low Maintenance to No Maintenance. Yoga pants, or flannel jammies always topped off with one of Greg's XXL sized t-shirts. Tres attractive. Trailer gear, is, well, Trailer gear. Old stained tank tops, shorts, yoga pants or flannels. I've let myself fall apart!!!
My dilemma is this: I start my new OFFICE JOB on Monday and I have absolutely zero, zilch, nada OFFICE CLOTHES! I have jeans but I can't wear those. And, I am shoeless. Even though I had to scrape the frost off of my windshield this morning (with the cup on my thermos, because I didn't have the ice scraper in my car) it is not quite boot weather yet.
My other dilemma is: I HATE clothes shopping. It is depressing and stressful for me. Which is why I rely on my husband's XXL t-shirts and flannel pj bottoms as my wardrobe. I fully admit, that I am cheap when it comes to buying clothes. I don't by second hand clothes or anything, but I have a hard time spending money on expensive clothes. It seriously makes me feel ill. Seriously. There is nothing enjoyable about it for me. Sigh, that's weird isn't it?
I'll also need a good warm dog-walking winter coat to go with my winter boots and ice-scraping thermos cup.
I'll let you know how the shopping goes tomorrow.

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Pez said...

Happy Shopping! Be sure to let us know about your purchases! And best wishes on Monday!