Monday, September 10, 2007

It ended up being a quiet weekend in the end as we had to cancel our plans to go to the out of town wedding. Unfortunately, little Buddykins was hit by a car on Friday (don't worry, he's ok.) My brother had called Friday afternoon and asked if he could take Buddy down to the Bluffs for a walk. The wind was picking up and he wanted to see how rough the lake was. He parked the car, got out, and opened the other door for Buddy. Another dog came running up and within seconds, Buddy got spooked and started running. My brother said he took off like a bullet and even after he jumped into the car, he couldn't keep up with the dog. We live about 1.5 kilometres from the lake and there is a busy intersection with 8 traffic lanes to cross to get there, never mind the steep hill from the top of the bluffs to the lake. Buddy raced up this hill, ran through a subdivision, then crossed that intersection during rush hour traffic without looking or thinking and ran right into a car. He picked himself up off the road and kept running through the school yard and all the way home. He was trembling and obviously scared, but not nearly as scared as my brother, who arrived shortly after the Buddy did.
We went to the vet right away, and luckily there were no broken bones. Some blood work was taken to make sure that there was no internal bleeding, but we were able to bring him home and just had to monitor him overnight. Honestly, it's amazing that other than a bit of road rash on one of his hindquarters, there were no injuries. Also incredibly amazing that a puppy would know how to race home the distance that he did! He is a smart puppy.
So, we didn't end up going to the wedding, and neither one of us was upset about missing it. We were glad to hear that it was a backyard wedding with about 250 guests and it was buffet-style so hopefully we didn't put anyone out.

I came across this quiz today:
Check out your Real Age and predicted Longevity
I wonder if there is one for dogs...


Kristi said...

I'm so glad Buddy is okay! He's one tough little puppy.

And according to that test, I'm 21 years old again. Whoo-Hoo!

Bob-kat said...

I am so glad that Buddy is okay. The homing instinct in animals is so strong. He is one smart pup to know where to go when he wants to be safe.

I hope the rest of your weekend was better.

Pez said...

Wow - that's scary for Buddy! I am so glad that he is ok. And what a smart one to know exactly how to get home!!

Begered said... scary! I am so glad that he wasn't seriously hurt. I have had some close calls with my dogs. They are never allowed offleash anymore outside of the house and backyard. I know it takes some fun out of having a dog, but it is worth peace of mind.