Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Procrastion... my middle name. (Actually, it's Manuela, my mom had a thing for Spanish names.)
I still have not started working on my resume, although I have paid to become a member of the Ontario Perianesthesia Nurses Association and the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses. I can add these memberships to plump up my resume. I've also decided to go to a Perianesthesia Conference in October which actually sounds quite interesting, and a Pain Seminar led by some Anesthetists with whom I work. This, is the most involved I've been with my career in years. Sad, but true. And, definitely time to change that.
But first...I must colour my hair.


Bob-kat said...

I've just had my hair coloured! I choose to be blonde. I love confusing people when they find I have a brain! LOL!

That's a positive step and the memberships will be a boon to your resume. Now you just have to write it! I am a master at procrastination. Just do a bit at a time and you'll find it gets done.

moon said...

Better now then never....good going so far!! Both those memberships are going to glow on your resume..and as u say, they will probably be interesting...always a bonus lol.

Kristi said...

Very cool.
What color did you dye your hair? Pictures, please!