Monday, July 16, 2007

Showers and Babies

In keeping with my theme of being the world's worst blogger, I will try to catch up on what seems to be my once weekly entry. A rather uneventful week, but all in all, not a bad one. My BIL seems to like coming to stay with us during the week which I'm not seeming to mind all that much as it does help out with Buddy. There are distinct advantages to having an unemployed brother and BIL and Buddy absolutely loves both of them.
We have had the driest summer on record in 9 years but we did have a crazy lightening storm last week which the flowers and vegetable garden desperately needed. Greg was quite proud of his artistic photo he took trying to capture the crazy sky.

One of my friends is expecting her first baby in September and I put this basket together for the baby shower. I got the idea from Pez who is always coming up with creative and crafty ideas. This is the third time I've made one of these baskets and I like this one the best. The idea is to make it look like like a baby sleeping in a laundry basket (it's filled with diapers, shampoo, wipes etc.) Unfortunately, my friend didn't 'get' it until after I told her what it was meant to be, but I had fun putting it together all the same.

A highlight of the weekend was spending some time with my god son Liam, who is cute as a button. He is just sprouting some new teeth.
He seemed to really like Buddikins, although it might not be so obvious in this picture!

In case some of you are wondering what has become of Mr. Mao, he has gone into hiding. I bought this cat cave for him way back in March when I was in Seattle and when I brought it home, he was terrified of it! At the time I was quite disappointed that he didn't love it so it ended up in a corner. Mao rediscovered this little hideaway a few days ago and now seems quite content hiding from Buddy. I should mention though, that it was Buddy who found Mao first in the cave...Greg and I had been wondering all day where he had disappeared to!
Last, but not least, I want to share a Google 3D tour of Berlin which I think is totally cool. It is the next best thing to actually going there. Check it out! Posted by Picasa


Bob-kat said...

Ah, so you have all our sun eh? :) It has been wet over here for weeks now! Please send some sun our way!

Poor Mr Mao. It is great that he has a hidey hole until he adjusts though.

Your God son is too cute!

I was wondering if you got my penguin message that I sent you? I hope so :)

moon said...

Your god son is adorable!..I love the cat cave, how ironic to have a cat inside of a fish!!!(looks like a fish to me, unless I am mistaken ) lol thats brilliant.
I did the 3D tour thing, very looks very much like Second Life..a virtual world I go into. There are countless places to see in there, be it virtual cities, or islands or whatever someone decided to invent. You can fly around just like the guy did with his camer views in there etc.

Don't feel so bad about blogging less, I am not averaging more then you myself lol. As long as u do once in awhile, let us know whats

Donna said...

I've been a once a week blogger for a long time, it takes me that long to write the post in my head and figure out if I want pictures, etc. Art takes time. [:o)

Great pics as always.