Sunday, June 03, 2007

Our Fur Family

I've struggled this weekend with feelings of anxiousness and opted not to go to the trailer and hid out at home instead bonding with little Buddy. No doubt, Two-Four is upset with us, but her intrusiveness was part of my issue. We are giving serious thoughts to selling the trailer as I think it's too much work handling both properties. As I've mentioned in the past, weekends at the trailer are really just more work for me. So, the issue at hand is, that we decided to give Greg's sister first dibs on the trailer, in case she was interested. We gave her a ballpark figure, which believe me, was a steal. In a casual conversation she had with her mother asking questions about park fees etc the price of offer came up. Well! Two-four left a nasty message on Greg's machine saying that she thought it was deplorable that we were even going to ask money from Lou, that he should be disgusted trying to make a buck off his own sister! Lou, had no idea of this, and she herself certainly has no thoughts akin to her mother's. But, I just didn't want to deal with it this weekend, not even a smidgen of conversation about it. It just stresses me out. And I don't want to deal with it right now.
My mother has made some secret promise to herself never to step foot in my home again. So, once a week, I will visit with her for an hour at her home, until she smartens up. She likes the dog, but doesn't like his name, was trying to get him to bark (which I'm trying to prevent) and was ready to feed him a leftover pork chop, which again, I'm trying to prevent. Thankfully the puppy was tired and there was my excuse to leave.
So yesterday, instead of going to the trailer, I finished my gardening here at the house all the while with the Ball of Dread growing bigger and bigger in my chest. I must admit, my pets (and of course Greg) are the shining stars in my family life. Buddy is so anxious to play with the cats, but they really don't want much to do with him. Dutchess has lived with dogs before, but she is really not interested in starting up a new friendship. She basically ignores him as much as she can. Mao is particularly nervous, but he will spend time in the same room and I've noticed that he lets Buddy come a little closer each time. The orange chair that Buddy is sleeping on has a special memory attached to it as it was the dog's chair when I was growing up. When I moved out, I needed a computer chair so I took this from my mom's house. Buddy decided yesterday to adopt this chair, so we moved it into the bedroom with us.We were going to have to buy a new bed for Buddy as he picked apart the foam of the first one that Greg bought. We don't have a crate for him yet, but someone from work has one for us if we need it. I'm not quite sure what I think about crating a dog. The first day we had him we left him in the bedroom while we were at work. He was alone for 5 hours and the only damage he did was to eat his bed. No other accidents. We've managed to potty train him this weekend, he sits on command, and shakes paws. He knows NO, and he does not bark at the cats. I think that this is all pretty good for a four month old pup, I'm impressed. He has also gotten us out and on walks. Today we went down to the bluffs and had him off-leash most of the time. He stayed right near us and not once did he run away, or even chase after the geese. We were down at the lake and as it was quite a windy day the waves were quite noisy and he was a little afraid. The world is a whole new big place for him, and he is very tired at the end of the day! He starts puppy-classes on June 18th.
I did capture a cute little shot of Mr. Mao, the Caterpillar Killer. Well, he thought he killed it, but I think the caterpillar outwitted him by playing dead. As soon as Mao was out of the way, caterpillar hurried off. I like how Mao's ears look like big moths in this picture.
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Pez said...

Sorry that your mom and MIL are being such buttheads. Definitely what you do not need, especially right now.

Buddy is so cute! I love the photo of him staring down Mao!

Kristi said...

Ugh. Family drama is so stressful. I say forget about 'em and focus on those three adorable animals in your house.

It sounds like Buddy is quite the savant already. And those pictures are too cute.

Bob-kat said...

Aren't family the most trying thing ever at times?! I feel for you and sympathise too - I have my own fair share of trials and tribulations with family. It sounds like someone is being unreasonable and it's not you!

Buddy sounds so very good for a young puppy! How well behaved! He must be such a lift for you right now.

I do hope you are starting to feel better soon. I really identify with your earlier post where you say feel like you can get nothing done as that is how I am feeling right now too. I hope things improve for you very soon.

Begered said...

I am so sorry about all the drama in your life right now...:(
But, OMG! You got a dog!! :) He is so cute. Congrats. I have been so busy with my marathon stuff, I got so behind on blogging and reading others.

I am so excited for you two on your new addition to the family!! :)

Mitey Mite said...

Families can be such a pain. Sorry you're having to go through all this. But Buddy is so cute! I am awed by the size of his feet.

moon said...

What a horrible time for u to be dealing with unreasonable family drama..I am being diplomatic lol. I think my husband and I have the best situation. My parents and his parents are 4000 miles apart in opposite directions each!! So the rare times we see eachother is terrific! Phone conversations are usually always good too. Works PERFECTLY FOR ALL LOL.

LOVE the pics btw...he sure seems like a good dog already, great temperment...classes will just make him Perfect!! and a total joy for u and hubby.
I hope you will feel better soon...thinking of you.

Bob-kat said...

Hi. Just stopped by to say hope things are improving for you and that your fur family is giving you much joy :)