Monday, June 18, 2007

A Little Overdue...

...for a post!

I think the medication is starting to work. I'm no longer crying for no reason and the tennis ball in my sternum has dislodged itself, for the most part. Buddy has been a great distraction and we've all been going on long walks which is great because it gets us out doing things. He is really good off-leash, he stays close and comes when he is called. I think this is pretty good for a 6 month old puppy that we've only had for three weeks. Mr. Mao is slowly getting used to him, he must have realized that Buddy is here to stay. Dutchie couldn't give a crap, she's happy as long as she gets fed.

We've opted not to crate train him, mainly because we don't have a crate for him, but also because he's pretty good at playing with his toys and hasn't wrecked anything. I did catch him chewing on the fringes of one of my carpets, so I just rolled it up and put it in the closet for now. When we go to work, we leave him in our bedroom with the door closed. My brother (38 and retired for the past 12 years) has a little extra time on his hands so he has become our dog-walker. Which breaks up both of their days. The only glitch I've made with leaving Buddy in the bedroom, is that twice I've also inadvertently left Mr. Mao in the room with him, too! Poor Mao!

Speaking of Mr. Mao, he was almost abducted at the trailer park by a couple of well-meaning cat lovers! For the past 5 summers we've let him wander about, but he always stays close by, and our trailer-neighbours know him well. In fact, they always tell us how much they enjoy his little visits. It's never been problematic, and if it were, I'd make sure he stayed inside. One Sunday night, we decided that we would extend our weekend and leave the next morning instead. We were making dinner and a woman stopped by to tell us that someone had found a Siamese cat, was ours missing? Sure enough, when we called him he didn't come running like he usually does. We were told the cat was at the office but when we got there, they gave us two site numbers and advised us to check there. The first trailer site was literally two sites away, but it was across a little road. The site was empty. So, we made our way to try to find the other site. Jesus! It was all the way down by the lake! No wonder Mao didn't hear me call him. Turns out, that the people at the trailer closest to us 'found' him and decided to show him off to their friends down by the lake. He was wrapped up in a red blanket but you should have seen him jump to me when he saw me! The couple was just getting ready to leave for their home in Cambridge which is 45 minutes West of the park. They had a big German Sheppard in the car, and Mao had already scratched the woman's chest to shreds. Their intentions were good, I guess, and they had already called Greg's cell to let them know they had Mao, but I couldn't help thinking that I wouldn't have reacted the same way had I found a cat. He had a collar and tags on, and honestly, did they think we had gone home and left him behind? Seriously, he was missing for less than an hour. When I found him, the people were concerned because he had this red mark on his forehead. They thought it was blood. They asked me if I knew what it was.'s lipstick, I had kissed him not long ago. MYSTERY SOLVED!

Well, this has turned into a Pet Post, but seriously, that is the most interesting thing going on in my life.
Oh, I did turn 42 ten days ago. Buddy was my gift from Greg. Did I mention that before? It was otherwise a very low-key birthday, which was how I wanted it.

I've lost 18 lbs since January, so I actually weigh less now than I did on our wedding day. My size 16 clothes are all too big for me. Yay!

Here's a pic of Mama, and Mama's Boy:


atpanda said...

He is too adorable for words! Congrats on the weight-loss! That is so amazing. And poor kitty! I am so glad you found him. Sounds less like they 'saved' him, more like they 'took' him.

Begered said...

People are crazy! Who takes cats that have collars on?!? It's not like it unusual to see a cat wandering around...that's what cats do!

Ramoma, I knew you were going through a tough time...but I had no idea you were taking medication. Did you blog about and I completely missed it? I do hope things turn around for you :)

Bob-kat said...

I'm so lad they didn't make off with Mr Mao. Sounds like they had good intentions though at least, but fancy not asking around first if they were concerned!

I love the pic of you and Buddy! I am so glad you are feeling better too. The crying is awful isn't it? And confusing. I hope you continue to mend.

Begered said...

Sorry about the typo on your name! I had to leave a comment to's one of my peeves. It happens to me all the time!