Saturday, March 03, 2007

Crystal Wonderland

I'm very glad that this week has ended, it was a long one! Yesterday's shift seemed to last forever, of course it doesn't help when you are looking at the clock every 5 minutes.
Thursday we had another winter storm. The blizzard that started at noon, and made the drive home quite treacherous. It took me an hour and a half to drive a route that normally takes me 25 minutes. Thankfully I have new snow tires so I was able to make it up all the hills. There were a few poor souls who must have had bald tires and they were spinning out of control making the drive that much worse for everyone else. Nevertheless, I got home safe and a lovely bottle of red wine was waiting for me which I thoroughly enjoyed.
At around 11pm the freezing rain started, so we were treated to a symphony smashing against our bedroom window, courtesy of nature herself. In the morning we awoke to a crystal wonderland, which was absolutely gorgeous! The first picture was taken from our bedroom door, looking into the backyard. The second picture I trudged though the snow drifts to get a photo lengthwise along the fence of the same bushes. I really like how this turned out.


Mitey Mite said...

Ice storms can make things look so beautiful! I remember them well growing up in Dallas. But you know what? I don't miss them one bit!

Your pictures turned out beautifully. Glad you made it home safe!

Pez said...

Brrr! Looks so cold!

Begered said...

Looks beautiful, but I am still amazed how you can tolerate such cold weather! I guess living in California has made me such a wuss when it comes to cold weather. Hope it warms up for you soon! :)

Bob-kat said...

How beautiful. That second photo was well worth your while trudging through the snow as it is wonderful. I clicked on it and bigged it up :-)

moon said...

Love the photos...the ice looks awesome.
Here in Quebec, we only got the snow ice..thankfully.

Not that it's stopped, we are braving, as u are I'm sure..horribly inhuman cold weather. today and yest, with wind factor, its -38C...SHEESH.. let SPRING arrive!!